Happy Family

Hey everyone As it’s valentine’s day I’ve decided to post a poem about the only people you are given no choice but to love otherwise known as family. This tongue in check takes a look at the most dysfunctional family on earth. I have to say it is a matter of great relief that I do not any such family, not even my lot could be this embarrassing. I’ve called my poem Happy Family I hope you like it.

Happy Family

Dad’s a bank robber
and mum’s on the game
my kid sister shoplifts
my brother’s insane
my in-laws are iffy
they do dodgy deals
and people keep saying
they know how I feel

But the fact is they don’t
so they shouldn’t even try
when your gran’s a gun runner
you just curl up and die
we’re not that unusual
though my uncle’s now auntie
and the neighbours believe
we’re a big happy family

@ Gayle Smith 2006


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