A Daughter Of Tradition Has The Music To Wake Up The Birdies

Hey everyone As I am still having withdrawal symptoms at the end of Celtic Connections, well I always do you know. It gladdened my heart when during a bit of channel hoping I’ll do anything to avoid watching Gordon Brewer present news brit, I switched on BBC Alba and who do I see in concert but Scottish Traditional Singer Of The Year Award Winner Siobhan Miller belting out a few tunes. I have to say this really cheered me up and it was the perfect anecdote to the post Celtic blues I always seem to get at this time of year.

It was great to see one of Scotland’s finest young talents singing popular traditional songs like the Kings Shilling, and Tappit Hen with what I can only describe as her beautiful velvet voice. Honestly it is musicians like Siobhan Miller and who make me glad to be Scottish and glad to that my country has produced singers with that kind of talent.

Honestly this girl’s voice is so stunning I have heard it whispered somewhere that she gives the alarm call to the birdies before they wake us up. Trust me people I’m not joking she really is that good. I have to say however that when she teams up with her singing partner Jeana Leslie for a double act for something that actually is better together, this creates a sound that pushes our own dynamic duo in to another stratosphere. However it is scary to think that this gifted musician was almost lost to the craft as she revealed in the interview shown along with her music that she really wanted to be PE teacher as she was quite good at sports. Thank god she had a teacher who persuaded her to apply to the RSAMD.

During the chat Siobhan spoke of the influence of her parents particularly her mother from whom she learned her first ever song and the fact that her family would take her around the folk festivals from an early age and how this gave her a love for the music of our homeland and for hearing the stories behind how the song was written or an artist had came across a particular song. This shows an artist who is not only proud of her culture but wishes to know more about different songs from the rich and diverse tapestry that is our traditional heritage.

Siobhan also spoke of an upcoming UK Tour with her singing partner and friend Jeana Leslie and of recording a solo album on which the songs will be a mix of her favourite classics and new material written by her. You know it hasn’t even been recorded yet and I have already decided that I need to start saving my pennies so I can afford to buy it when it does eventually get released.

Believe me when I say that this will be an album worth hearing from a voice worth listening to. Her peers know how good she is and soon the rest of Scotland will too. If you haven’t heard her sing yet I implore you to put this right at the earliest possible chance, I know how good she is and I also want to others to know it because I believe passionately in supporting Scottish culture especially when it’s of top level quality and believe me Siobhan Miller is top quality. How do I know? Two reasons, firstly I’ve seen her live and secondly a little bird a told me.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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