A Golden Girl A Fantasy Diet And Union Jackonary But Some Folk Made A Meal Of Things With A Game Of Double Standards

Hey everyone It’s been a strange week for news. First of all the Labour Party vote against free school meals despite telling anyone who would listen to them they were in favour of the idea. Personally I think this is insane and it leaves Johann Lamont and her party looking so ridiculous they are now beyond parody.

Next it was the turn of former First Minister Jack McConnell I refuse to call anyone lord except the lord featured in the bible, to say that he thinks that both sides in the independence referendum should call a truce for the duration of the Commonwealth Games. This to me stinks of the double standards I expect from Mr McConnell who seems to forget that the London Olympics in 2012 was so fanatical in its slavish unionist patriotism that you couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t wrapped in the union jack. From bread to chocolate, from perfume to tights you couldn’t move for union jackanory. So this begs the question why should we be prevented from stating our case during an event in which Scotland competes as a nation which is being held in our country? Me thinks the unionists are getting nervous. Maybe it’s the thought of so many athletes from independent nations many of whom are smaller than Scotland competing in a spirit of friendship as they strive to be the best they can be.
Next it was the turn of prominent Labour supporting legal eagle Mike Daily to throw better together in to confusion by saying that he might have voted for Independence if the Yes campaign had put the offer of a Scottish Republic on the table. This he said, would have been a game changer for him and many others. Personally I think he’s trying to establish a reputation as a patter merchant and therefore endear himself to Labour’s core vote. I have to say however that whilst I have enormous respect for Mr Daily an the work he has done over a number of years at the Govan Law Centre I am unconvinced that the potential establishment of a Scottish Republic would have moved him even an inch from his unionist friends at the blethers.

Why am I so unmoved by this potential conversion? Two reasons spring to mind. (1) It looks good for his leftie credentials to say that the Yes campaign and more particularly the SNP are not going far enough.
(2) By pretending that he would ever make this switch he may fool some of the more culturally and politically inept that Labour offer far more of a left wing future than they actually do or will ever be allowed to in the fantasy world of Westminster. Well let’s be honest, he knows fine well that though a Scottish Republic is not on the table at the moment there is far more chance of it happening after independence than there will be after a vote to save the union and to say otherwise is attempt to con the gullible for his own political ends. It is my considered opinion that if Mr Daily
really believed in a Scottish Republic he would be voting Yes and would never even be contemplating a no vote or his naval.

Next to come on to my radar was an article by Tavish Scott which I can only describe as a suicide note for better together. Tavish who is never short of an opinion or twenty particularly on the SNP, Alex Salmond, or Independence suggests that George Osborne has pulled an economic masterstroke by losing the next UK election to Labour but saving the union by taking this action.

This I suggest is complete madness which could only exist in the imaginary world of a political Walter Mitty such Tavish Scott as no sane political party would ever contemplate deliberately losing power. This would be particularly true of the Conservatives who lost the election of 1997 and were out of power for 13 years. Indeed they only regained power after a coalition deal with Mr Scott’s colleagues in the Liberal Democrats. Therefore I believe they will do all in their power to make sure they retain it and if that means another coalition with the Liberal Democrats then that is what will happen. However make no mistake the Conservatives will be playing to win anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool and like him or loathe him and I sit somewhere on the middle on this, I know Tavish Scott is no fool. I do suspect however he is a perhaps a dreamer who believes in the power of a fantasy diet to slim down the expectations of a people hungry for a better land where ambition replaces austerity

In his article Mr Scott claims that Osborne’s strategy of more cuts has handed the next election to Labour. This is a dangerous fantasy primarily based on his hatred of Scottish Independence and for the SNP in particular. Now whilst Mr Scott may wish to play up the chances of a Labour win to as he sees it put Scottish voters off the idea of independence he seems unaware that many Labour supporters have converted to independence but not the SNP.

This is I suggest is Mr Scott’s worst nightmare. and there is increasing evidence that Toxic Tony the Tory Blair has been almost as effective in converting Labour minded Scots in to taking this step as a certain Margaret Thatcher. Indeed as a significant number of older voters have said to me that it was Tony Blair and his smug, self serving, and sanctimonious attitude which gave them the final push towards saying yes to independence. Indeed one woman a Labour Party member and supporter an active trade unionist of 60 years standing said to me recently, ‘at least with Thatcher we knew what we were getting and we were getting nothing. The Tories have never governed in the interests of the ordinary people but Blair was never a real Labour man with a real Labour heart I don’t think real Labour exists anymore. I’m voting yes she said not for the SNP but for real Labour it’s time to take our party back there too many rich kids in charge of us and this can’t be allowed to go on’

Maybe Mr Scott hasn’t come across principled socialist amongst his Labour party friends but I certainly have and they are not afraid to speak their minds and what should worry him and his fellow unionists is that there are many more amongst the comrades than some who are too shy of that word would ever like to think. These are the people for whom such as Anas Sarwar can barely disguise their contempt. Let me assure Mr Sarwar and Mr Scott this works two ways and quite why Mr Scott is so desperate to save an out of date economic arrangement which continually works against the interests against the people of Scotland is something I cannot understand.

I believe that though Mr Scott believes a Conservative government would sacrifice their parties interest to save the union no-one else could give this quite frankly ludicrous argument even a shred of credibility. Also the fact is that Mr Scott’s comment may not be quite as valid as it once would have been as many on the progressive side of the Labour Party are embracing independence and have already declared they want Labour to the working people’s party rather than the posh people’s party. Or to put it another way more pie and mash and less prawn cocktail.

Talking of rich kids as I was earlier, it was nice to hear Dan Snow of that ilk refer to our democratic vote on our future as the braveheart referendum. I have to say I was disappointed to hear this comment made on Thursday night’s edition of This Week as coming from a respected family with an excellent and well deserved reputation for fairness I genuinely believed that he would have avoided using such insulting language which I find extremely offensive.

Last but least it is finally time for some good news and it doesn’t get much better than the news of a birth so the news the golden girl of the London Olympics Jessica Ennis-Hill is truly fantastic even if it does mean she will miss the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer. Though it would have been nice to see her compete at the games I think I’m more happy for her at the news of the forthcoming addition to her family. I would like to wish Jessica, her husband and all her family my congratulations and hope her child will be happy, healthy, and loved.

So it has been a busy week with plenty of stories to attract my interest with lectures, fantasies, and births all finding their way in to this review which can best be described by saying it was a week where the headlines were made by a golden girl, a fantasy diet,and union jackanory but some folk made a meal of things with a game of double standards.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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