Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries It’s A Game Of Join The Dots

Hey everyone. After reaching the end of another day I have to ask myself the following question. What difference does it make to anyone whether I remain on this planet or not? Believe it or not the answer may surprise you.

Now in the grand scheme of things I realise I am merely a dot in the tapestry of life. However if you take away my dot or for that matter any other dot before it is meant to fade, there are many different connections which would fail to join as a result of its removal.

For example what do Cambuslang Cowdenbeath and Cumnock have in common? Answer my dot connects to all of them. I have a flatmate from Cambuslang a close political friend who is standing in the Cowdenbeath by-election and one of my favourite poets and for that matter people hails from Cumnock.

I could use this connection in other ways too it connects poetry and politics, church and celtic music university to trade unionism. It connects Eastwood to Edinburgh and fashion to football. The result of all these connections is that I have a rich and varied life filled with lots of different interests and a wide range of people all as diverse as you could ever hope to meet. Some of those people may never meet each other but they all have one thing in common and that is that in some way they are all connected to me. So you see we all inter connect in some way no matter how small or fragile the connection may be.

Bearing this in mind let me state here and now for the avoidance of all doubt that I have no desire whatsoever to leave this planet any time soon. Oh no I have too much still do for any that nonsense. I believe in making connections not cutting them. So matter how hard life can be and make no mistake it can be, I have no intentions of going anywhere that has pearly gates before God puts my name on the glory roll. You see I know life is not a bowl of cherries or for that matter a book of clichés. It is far more interesting than that. I believe life is a game of the join the dots because as every child when you join the dots together you make a pattern or a picture, and when you take one dot away you leave a void that can’t be filled.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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