TartanTights 2013 My Year On The Blog

Hi All. It’s time for my wordpress review of the year and unlike my own personal review which focuses on my memories and recollections this one concentrates on the blog traffic and where it is coming from.

Now I start this review by saying that according to my lovely stats team at wordpress a New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2013. If it were a New York City subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people. This when you think about is actually quite frightening. I have to say however it is also wonderful to think there are that many people are reading my musings, thoughts, and rants which comprise my take on the world. Also I have to say that it really pleases me that my viewer traffic has more than doubled in only my second year on the blog.

So what got the traffic moving at double the speed of the previous year? It is difficult to say but I think my cultural and political commitments did me no harm in this respect. This can be demonstrated by the fact that my most popular post was a pro independence poem A Nobody Writes A Begging Letter On Behalf On Blethers Together with 132 views almost all of which happened on the same day Monday the 2nd December.
This was also the most successful day in the history of tartantights with 189 views smashing the previous record of 94 views which was set on May 18th 2012.

A Choice Of Two Futures another poem on Scotland’s decision was the next most popular post. Followed by two more poems one My Glasgow in which I give an honest but loving assessment of the city of my birth and The Voice Of Number 10, a poem which I think accurately reflects the legacy of one Margaret Thatcher. This is the women who according to my Uncle Tam that’s Scots for Thomas wrecked and devastated our country to a far greater extent than any Prime Minister ever could dared to dream of, destroying whole communities as she did so. It is those with communities in mind and the fact I lived through the Thatcher years that I will be will voting Yes to Independence on September 18th.

My top five posts is completed by a review of an excellent night of spoken word which I was privileged to attend in June 2012 A Barnstorming Night At Young MacDonald’s Farm. This was a brilliant evening of entertainment and is remembered fondly by all those who attended it, so it hardly surprising it is still attracting interest over a year later.

Personally I think that the report must be compiled on the 30th of December because I am sure when I checked my stats just before the bells, The Voice Of Number 10 and A Barnstorming Night At Old MacDonald’s Farm had been replaced in the top five by The Girl With A Glitterball Lipstick a review of a one woman show by Sophia Blackwell, and my memories of a great day at the March And Rally For Independence which had the cracking title We Shared Our Visions On The Hill Of A More Progressive Scotland On The Day When 30 000 Had An Appetite For Victory.

The post which I am told attracted most comments was As An Independent Woman I Know What I’ve Signed Up For, though on closer investigation it seems to share this honour with Notes On A Quarter Life. A Review of a one man show by the excellent Kevin Gilday. It does however seem at least to me that it is when I post my poetry pages that I receive the most feedback. Evidence to support this comes with the fact that The Lemon Dress, My Glasgow, and The Voice Of Number 10 attracted at least many comments than any single post.

Amongst the main contributors this were Stevie Elliot, Bob Leslie, Audrey Marshall, Don Lamb, and the force of nature that is the fabulous and feisty Louise Anne Geddes. Also special thanks for their thoughts and musings go to Kevin Cadwallender, Gary Magwa Maguire, Monica Pitman, Stephanie McGregor, Stephen Watt, and the lovely and yes I am biased Laura Jane Wilkie. Thanks to all those I’ve mentioned and others for there thoughts over the past year and keep those contributions coming they are greatly appreciated.

As for visitors to tartantights most as expected came from the United Kingdom. In fact I would go further than that and say the vast majority probably came from Scotland most coming from the West of Scotland. However there were international visitors with the United States and Japan providing most of them, though France, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, and the Netherlands were also reasonably well represented. Most of visitors found me through facebook, twitter and Scottish Round Up which I have had the privilege of editing. However some have used search engines the most popular this year being Grace Sweeney, Chris Stephens SNP, tartantights and Mary From Dungloe. These search engines tell me that tartantights is popular amongst the traditional Celtic community and this makes me very happy.
As for other stuff well I published 199 posts on a range of topics which ranged for poetry, politics, in all it’s many forms, gender identity, sport, equality, faith, memories, and reviews. An eclectic mix I’m sure you’ll agree and if you reading this, I hope you will be reading many more posts in the year to come.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

Click here to see the complete report.


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