A Very Brief History Of Who I Am (A Guide For New Readers)

Hey everyone As this the start of a new year there is the chance that there may be new readers who are reading tartantights for the first time.
Well some people may have made it there New Year’s Resolution to read more blogs so just in case you are one of them, and are reading this for the first time I thought I’d better tell you a wee bit about myself, why I blog and what I tend to write about.

Well my name is Gayle and I am an early fifty something transsexual woman. Still got your attention. good, I’m glad about that because I don’t want to lose you now you’ve found me.

I run my blog a bit like a magazine or news sheet and I’ll write about what grabs my interest on any particular day. My reason for this is because I believe that we all have a variety of interests and should reflect this in our writing to keep our readership wanting more.

Topics of interest include Culture and Identity, Equality,Faith, I am a regular attender at my local church, Trans Related Issues, Politics and especially Scottish Independence of which I am a passionate supporter, Poetry, Book Reviews, and Nights Out.

So now having told you what I write about I will tell why I decided to blog. Well as I am what we in Scotland would call a gabby wee madam. For those outside Scotland I should tell you this is a term of endearment, I do tend to have opinions on absolutely everything and whilst facebook and twitter allow you to make points in short messages or soundbites I decided I needed something a wee bit more substantial to put my point across so when I heard about blogging through discovering it on twitter I thought to myself this will do for me and on the evening of March 9th 2012 tartantights was born and the rest as they as they say is history.

I hope you have enjoyed this very brief history of who I am and if you like what I write about, remember to spread the word and come back for more soon.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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