Dear Santa It’s No Secret I Just Want Decent Tights

Hey everyone As I’m sure you all know, well unless youve just came to back to earth from mars or in the case of girls, Venus It is now officially the Christmas season, Yes that’s right, tis the season to be jolly be pissed, and drive everyone round the twist as the world awaits presents from Santa, the second coming, or even worse the Cliff Richard Christmas single

Speaking personally i could do without mistletoe and wine Well to be more accurate i could do without the Cliff versions of it trust me. I mean how can any man expect to be the bearer of good tidings of comfort and joy if he doesn’t realise that the wine comes first. After all a girl needs a drop of the bravery juice if she is to going to go under the mistletoe with anyone she meets at a bar, nightclub. or even even worse the works Christmas party. Where the only memories she’ll have of the event will the be ones plastered all over facebook the next morning.

Now i don’t know about you but believe me those are not the kind of Christmas presents i want to see the morning after the night you should have made an excuse not to attend. I mean the last thing any woman wants are close encounters of the unwanted kind.

Talking of unwanted presents I was watching Loose Women on Friday it was the last one before Christmas and one of the topics for discussion was are men or women easier to buy for at this time of year. Personally i think it depends who you are buying for i’m honest, but one there are more choices available for us girls and we’re usually as a rule a lot happier with our presents. Well as my mammy used to say it’s the thought that counts, though sometimes i do have to admit it’s the thought that worries me.

This is especially true when your buying for someone new or god forbid you take part in every work’s nightmare attempt to create some fake festive cheer, the dreaded Secret Santa . I don’t know how many times i was left with a feeling of despair on Christmas presents for which i had no earthly use and to be fair this wasn’t just a work thing i do have to say though i think growing up in the wrong gender didn’t actually help matters However, even since transition some people with the best of intentions have still got it wrong though more people especially women do seem to know what i like without me having to tell them.

So Santa if you are listening which i suspect that are i promised i have been good this year and will not drive up the north pole but say very clearly that i would like to get a wee bit of lippy some sweetheart perfume from ghost and a few pairs of decent tights. Now i think you’ll agree that for an east end girl that’s not a lot to ask.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X