The Very Strange Tale Of A Wild Goose Chase

Hey everyone How can I sum up yesterday well it started off just like any other Thursday but it certainly did end like that after a day which was so strange you couldn’t make up it. Honestly it really was just a bit on the bizarre side but in the end all was well that ended well. Though I must say it was shall we say a day when some people tried to make a meal of things and this resulted in a bit of a wild goose chase.

It started when I received a facebook message from Linda Grant asking me if I was going to Lauders Bar this afternoon for a Tollcross Christmas Lunch. Since I had organised no such lunch I told her in a firm but polite manner that I would not be doing this because as far as I was concerned it was business as usual at the group and that meant I would be going to Tollcross and nowhere else.

Linda then informed me that I may be there on my own as Susan Milligan was insistent that the lunch was today. I told Linda in no uncertain terms that I am group facilitator and that Susan cannot tell me what happens at Tollcross now or indeed at any time in the future. The fact is that I am facilitator at Tollcross and only I can make decisions as to what happens and when. However I did say if she and Susan wished to go to for lunch they could do so with my blessing and I hoped they had a nice day.

As it turned out I went to Tollcross where I made valuable use of my time by catching up with all paperwork and admin duties which I am responsible for by booking rooms for both Tollcross Writers and Bards in the Park for the coming year and I have carried out my duties to the letter with all rooms from January to December 2014.

I also made sure that I wrote a Christmas card for the Tollcross team who work so hard to support all year every year and believe me their support is appreciated.

After this I focused on attempting to find new and original ideas for themes for the group to work on during the next 12 months. This is a key task of any group facilitator or group leader and finding themes for a group to work on is not an easy task as you have to take in account the strengths and weaknesses of each group member. This is a difficult and delicate balancing act which requires not only imagination but the skill and resourcefulness of a diplomat. On completing all jobs I headed to the city centre for Glasgow Writers at GoMA. This is when the drama really started.

You see just as I was making my way to GoMA I received a message from Linda’s son Mark who was concerned that his mum had left her phone and her purse at her mothers and wanted me to pass this message on to his mum to make sure she did not panic.

I answered the communication and promised Mark I would do this. My urgency was doubled when one of Linda’s closest friends of more years than she cares to forget also got in touch and expressed her concerns.

On arriving at GoMA I asked Stacey Bennett who works in the cafeteria if she had seen Linda and she told me that Linda had just left the building. On hearing this I immediately headed to the bus stop and boarded a bus which I thought Linda might have been on. As it turned out she wasn’t and I was stuck in an unfamiliar area of Glasgow which seemed strangely uncomfortable. Nervously I waited around to see if she may be on any of the next few buses, when it turned out she wasn’t I made the best of a bad situation I headed back towards town.

As I reached GoMA I found Linda sitting cool as a cucumber ready to facilitate the group in the absence of our regular facilitator Mark Sherland. After giving her a gentle ticking off I teased her that she owed both Mark and Aileen a big apology as they were worried out their wits. As for me I believe that today can be summed up by saying it was a very strange tale of a wild goose chase.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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