Pork Pies Made In Westminster Are Hard To Digest For The Voters

Hey everyone As a fervent supporter there are times when I feel I have to speak out in the interests of that campaign and I don’t necessarily mean against our political rivals. No, sometimes we must speak out against some supporters on our side
who it seems are far too easily wound up by our opponents in that well known self preservation society otherwise known as Better Together.

Having no credible policies or intellectual rationale to keep an outdated sterile union together, this motley crew have to rely on bullying and scare stories to keep the wealth and riches with which this artificial arrangement and they get wilder more fanatical and more deluded with every passing day.

The latest scare story with which these idiots are trying to terrorise the gullible to be unmasked as complete non event was the fact that someone in better together thought it would be a jolly good idea to tell our people that the price of food would soar through the roof an independent Scotland as the big four supermarkets Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco would punish Scotland for daring to dream of a better future.

This is I have to say is complete bullshit however for unknown reason some of our more sabre rattling supporters rather than take five minutes to think things through, decided to rise to the bait and some were even threatening boycotts of the major supermarkets. This in my opinion was not a good move and if I’m perfectly honest could actually been have seriously counter productive as people could have perceived us as paranoid rather than question the lies that have seen better together’s noses grow bigger than that of a well known puppet.

With this in mind I felt compelled to write this post saying that in no way would I ever support such an irrational and ill considered action and that far from boycotting these supermarket we should take the opposite action and make sure we buy their goods whilst wearing our yes badges as we shop.

My reason for this action is the plain and simple fact that I will never support a boycott unless the reasoning for it can be justified and irrational fears peddled by those who put self interest before Scotland’s interest is i am afraid not strong enough grounds to take such a drastic course of action
Now as it so happens I am a regular shopper at one of big four supermarkets as there is branch of Morrisons less than 200 yards from my home. This particular supermarket is a big employer in the East End of Glasgow with branches in the Gallowgate, Easterhouse at the Fort shopping centre and my local branch in the heart of Baillieston. Therefore Morrisons is a big employer in my local area and I will never support any actions which puts local jobs at risk.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the justifiable anger some people may feel on reading these type of scare stories but boycotting the stores and costing innocent workers there jobs is not and will never be the answer. Far better to do what Keith Houston did and send an e-mail to Morrisons from whom he received a speedy and polite reply informing him that independence was a matter for the people of Scotland to decide and that Morrisons would respect our choice as to whether the price of food increase or not Keith was informed in his communication that this would be decided by other factors such as taxation. This was a prompt and courteous reply from an company who in any dealings I have had with them have always had good customer service.

Therefore I feel it is best not to react to the Better Together scare stories but to dismiss them for what they are and inform the voters of the facts rather than vacuous, fictitious drivel with which Better Together seek to peddle. By doing this, we can enhance our credibility with those who are opened to persuasion rather than diminish it. However I think we should point out that though the majority of our supporters would not support a boycott in this case we can understand why some may favour direct action.

By taking this approach we are embracing the idea that the Yes campaign is a diverse group of people who come from a range of political traditions as we explain this fact to voters who have been told that Independence is all about Alex Salmond and the SNP by a slavishly hostile unionist press, this will I believe make a positive outcome in the referendum much easier to achieve as it will ease the voters concerns and demonstrate that respectful disagreement is allowed within in our campaign and should in fact be encouraged rather than stifled. Indeed that is the key difference between Yes Scotland a family where all members are allowed to express their views and values, to explain what their version of independence will look like and better together who are a collection of career politicians and hacks motivated only by personal gain. We are better than this, our country deserves better than this, and we can deliver better than this, providing we persuade the people of Scotland not to buy out of date Westminster pork pies which are passed their sell by date as I have heard that voters find them very difficult to digest.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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