Fairness For All Or The Law Of The Jungle There Are No Other Routes On The Road To Equality

Hey everyone I am glad that Scottish Local Government Minister Derek McKay has felt able to come out about his sexual orientation and I admit he is gay. I am also happy to report that he has had full the support of colleagues in doing so.

Believe me this is an issue I know all about being a self identified transwoman who is currently going through the process of gender reassignment. I tried to postpone my decision for far too long until in December 2008 I decided that the time had finally come to take the step and mark the beginnings of a better life.

Whilst being Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgender is nowhere near the issue it once was in Scottish society it nonetheless remains a big issue for those who are in the process of coming out.

I know when I came out as transsexual after many years of battling with my gender identity issue I received incredible support from those who mattered most. This was particularly true with regards to the spoken word and celtic music communities and all sides in the political village.

This support meant a lot to me at the time and means even more to me now and their are certain people in all my communities of interest for whom I would gladly take a bullet and I really do mean that as my journey was not without casualties. The people I refer know who they are and why I am so proud of them so I won’t name names as it’s a decent sized list and I don’t want forget anyone because they didn’t forget me when I needed them

I have to be honest and say I am glad I had and continue to have such supportive friends as t much to my disappointment and indeed disgust, I lost some of the more reactionary members of my family and others whom I thought I could count on as friends. However at least I now know who my friends actually are and that could go a long way to explaining why I am so damn protective of them.

It is also ironic that I have gained more support from my local church, a place that many people wrongly believed I would be judged than I have from the two groups whose rights I have always fought for the disability community and the LGBT community. Funny that, how some
people seem to want equality for some but not for others. Tough, that’s not the way it works in any civilised society it has to be fairness for all or the law of the jungle There are no other routes on the road to equality.

Being civilised I have to say which of those options I prefer and that is the one that Derek McKay and other LGBT politicians and our allies across the political spectrum have always consistently championed.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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