The Night A Real Boy Made Me Blush Meant So Much More Than Posters

Hey everyone. Yesterday we celebrated halloween. I just thought I’d share my favourite memory of it. This is a memory which still makes me blush even now and can be said to have had a lasting influence on my life.

I will set the scene by telling you it was 1975 and I had just come from a halloween night out and what happens, my big brother comes in with one of his friends whilst I’m sitting in the living room wearing my mum’s navy blue kimono dress with matching tights and shoes and the kind of baby pink lipstick and nail polish I haven’t seen since in years.

However what makes this so memorable was the fact it wasn’t just any boy who came to the house it was my brother’s best looking friend who was shall we say a bit on the fit side and eventually played a wee bit of football at a reasonably decent standard.

Now, he may not have been quite up to the standard of Donny Osmond but that didn’t seem to matter to me on that particular night. This was the stuff of dreams for a 14 year old transgirl who had to keep her identity secret.

To say that I blushed would I think putting it politely I don’t know why or if I do I’m keeping it quiet but honestly I discovered what it was like to go weak at the knees for the first time and on that cold, wet and windy night he fired the flames of a passion for sensitive, intelligent, good looking guys.
It was a passion I was never to lose and it still burns in my heart to this day.

It is safe to say that this was the boy I wanted to see me like this more than any other. The boy who proved that real boys could be as hot as those unattainable superstars who were the centrefolds of teenage dreams.

So the halloween of 1975 confirmed what I had secretly suspected for a wee while. I was developing an interest in real boys you know the ones from the scheme or across the street. This meant it was time for Donny to move over just a wee bit. From that night he was no longer the centre of my world the way he once had been.

You see on that rain soaked night I discovered there was a new boy in my life and my thoughts turned from those of an angel to those of a devil and my demons would come out to play every time I saw his smile.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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