Devils And Details Make A Very Big Difference When It Comes To Styling My Future

Hey everyone As the days grow shorter and colder and the nights get longer and darker. It is time to think ahead and make preparations for the future. Late autumn and now the clocks have gone back we are in very late autumn is always a good time to do this.

You see I believe there is nothing like warm nights by the fire to help you focus with what is important in life and the next few months have the potential to help me walk the right path
If I have the courage to let them. Yes these are exciting times and I need to prepare the route for what has the potential to be a rewarding but challenging adventure

For me these preparations are going to be critical as I move on to the next stage of my journey. I believe I have done well in my first few years in my acquired gender however I know I can be a better woman.

To achieve this I shall be seeking out some trusted female friends to help me with certain aspects of my transition and what I need you to help me with, may at first seem trivial but will be more important to me than some may think.

You see the devil is as they say very much in the detail and it’s true to say that little things can and do make a very big difference.

A good example of this will be help in walking. Yes I know the old Chic Murray joke ‘I was walking you know the way you do one foot in front of the other’ and it’s not about that. I mean unlike the character of Gregory in the movie I have mastered the walking bit. Unless you mean walking in heels. Having a balance impairment I have to say this would not be a good idea. However this isn’t about walking in heels this is about how to walk powerfully but in a more feminine way. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe I have made substantial progress on this recently and the changes in the shape of my body have certainly helped, but I still believe I can make improvements especially whilst walking at speed.

I will also be requiring a wee bit of assistance in finding my vocal range. Note I did not say finding my voice, as that is a creative expression often used in poetry and there are a great many friends who will quite gladly tell you that I found my voice years ago and haven’t shut up since.
I am thinking however that though my voice is far better than it once was improvements can be made in terms of consistency so anyone who fancies listening to say the same things over and over again for a hour or two your help would be greatly appreciated.

It is also time for a fashion update and my wardrobe could be doing with a few changes. Now this is an area which I know will be a potential minefield well there are those who say that I am far too daring and then there are others who say I play it too safe so getting the balance right is not easy. Therefore anyone who fancies a trip round the shops to assist in styling me please let me know.
The same applies to those who fancy an afternoon going the make up and hosiery counters with me. Well there could be a cocktail or two in it for you.

Lastly I want to your advice on good and affordable beauty routines. Well I want to look the best I can as often as I can. I make this point because as I get ready to embark on the next stage of my journey I want the world to see a mature but stylish woman who is ease with herself and comfortable enough to realise that whilst I may not be cinderella or the fairytale princess I may just persuade the handsome prince to introduce me to his hot single uncle. And if I say so myself that is why during this period of reflection I will pay particular attention to devils and details as they could have a very significant impact when it comes to styling my future.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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