Waterproofs Woolies And Wellies Are Really Not My Style Because In My Winter Wonderland This Girl Turns On The Style

Hey everyone. With the conference season over and the clocks going back by an hour this weekend we are it seems being given a reminder that winter is or soon will be well on it’s way.

Now, it has to be said, winter provides me with my own unique set of issues. My balance has never been great so it is fair to say that I have never been a fan of the snow and am even less a fan of slush. Let’s just say it is the kind of weather I am describing and we will no doubt soon be getting which more than amply illustrates why I was never any good at skating or ballet. So why am I feeling a distinctly warm glow and looking forward to my favourite time of year.

Well you see, to me it’s like this winter time is party time and I have so many social events to attend that I quite often meet myself coming back and this year is no exception.

Starting with Halloween, this is the time when I seriously need to get busy. Whether it be poetry, politics, music or comedy, there will be plenty of places to go between now and the first week of February and I attend to be at all of them or at least as many as health and finances permit.

This year sees my social life starting slightly earlier than usual as the night the November Words and Music event after which I usually have a wee break, I will be attending the Equality Network annual reception.

This is an important red carpet event, and I shall have to look my best for such a special occasion so I will have start thinking about what to wear. This tends to suggest that a trip to my favourite shops may be in order to find a new LBD. That’s little black dress for those who lack culture and sophistication.

This is another reason I love winter. It really is time to update our wardrobes and trust me this is the season not only to be jolly it’s only the season to be daring. Well if a girl wants a visit from Santa then she has to be little bit daring sometimes and trust me that is exactly what I intend to be. Well you won’t bore me in to waterproofs, woollies, and wellies when I’ve got the chance to show a bit of leg. Yes I know some people will tell me I’ve lost the plot but my reply is the same as it’s always been I’ve may have lost more than the Eastenders but at least I’m entertaining. So just in case you haven’t got the message I will be buying a couple of pencil skirts and a couple of pairs of fishnets as well as the more sophisticated outfits. Well as I said I have lots of events to attend and some will be less formal than others.

So it is at this time of darkness I look forward to what is, always has been, and ever shall be my favourite time of year. From Halloween to Celtic Connections there is no time of year quite like winter. It really is a girl’s best friend so let’s get ready to enjoy the craic, the laughter and the cultural,gatherings when the music calls us home and celebrate what this amazing time of year has to offer with those who matter most. Well I don’t know about you but I think I’m looking forward to a winter wonderland and I can safely say they’ll be no waterproofs, woollies, or wellies in sight.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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