I Think A Boy Like Gregory Would Be Just My Type Of Guy

Hey everyone It’s Sunday evening and I’m watching my favourite movie of all time. I refer to the one and only Gregory’s Girl.
Made in 1980 and made in the West of Scotland Gregory’s Girl is the tale of a socially awkward teenage boy Gregory played by (John Gordon Sinclair) whose world is turned upside down when Dorothy ( Dee Hepburn) whom Gregory rather shrewdly for him observes is a girl turns up for football trials for the high school football team and turns out to be a better player than any of the boys.

At first Mr Menzies the school football coach attempts to dismiss her interest in playing for the team by saying that she must have got mixed up with the hockey team. However he relents on seeing her skill and puts her in the forward line

Gregory is to be fair not the brightest tool in the box and is confused and bewildered by his new love interest as his hormones get the better of his brain cells due to sudden romantic interest in a girl who is out of his league.

This to me makes him the perfect Scottish anti hero. Lovable but deluded and completely oblivious to what’s going in the real world around him. Directed by the brilliant Bill Forsyth this is a film which challenges stereotypes as not only does it have Dorothy playing football it also has Steve showing his entrepreneurial skills by running a mini bakery. This may not raise an eyebrow in the equal inclusive Scotland of 2013 but in the time it was made this was revolutionary.

One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when Gregory’s wee sister Madeline tries to talk some sense to him an experiment which was doomed to fail. Madeline tries to convince him to pay attention to style and colours however this falls on deaf ears and our hero goes back to planet Gregory.

Such is Gregory’s determination to land the woman of his dreams he even volunteers to help Dorothy with extra football practice in order to get a date.
When Dorothy says yes, he is blissfully unaware that his fate has already been sealed and by the end of the evening it will be Susan (Claire Grogan) not Dorothy who will be the real Gregory’s Girl.

Like all films Gregory’s Girl is very much of it’s time and viewing it through the lens of time you can see traces of sexism and some social attitudes which have thankfully been consigned to annals of history. However this is in no way detracts from it’s merit as one of the best films ever made. It is my opinion the ultimate feel good movie and like all good movies it has a happy ending with our hapless hero getting the girl even if it’s not quite the one he expected. As for me would I like to be Dorothy? No not really I think I’d prefer to be Susan well she got the guy and you know what, despite all his awkwardness I think Gregory would be just my type.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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