From Seeds Of Faith Comes A Harvest For Humanity And A Golden Crop Of Glory

Hey everyone I don’t know quite how I managed it but I was early for church this morning and on this occasion it’s a good job I was a wee bit on the lively side. This was a busy morning not only was it harvest Sunday there was also a baptism taking place during the service.

This was in my view highly appropriate as harvest time is a gathering in the crops and being thankful for what God has provided for us. Therefore it is my opinion reasonable to suggest that new life which is the greatest gift of all is arguably the ultimate harvest for humanity.

Like crops which need to be tended to produce the best results for the greatest quality food, young life also has to be nurtured if it is ever to allowed to develop and the child to become the best girl or boy they can be.

You know it is often said in the tabloid press and on every reality TV worthy of the name that the contestants have been on a journey and in a manner of speaking they have. I believe life is a journey. Where we go or who we share the journey with may we think be up to us but God knows all our plans before we even make them. So the journey may not as much of a personal choice as some of us may like to think. God does however give us a certain amount of free will and affords us the right to take risks.

For example one of my friends in the congregations decided to undertake a bungee jump for charity now that is what I call a risk, but then some people may think that I take a risk every day because of my life as a transwoman. Risk you see is a matter of perception. What is considered normal to some people may be deemed a risk by others who are a bit more cautious. As the minister pointed out in his reading God tells us not to worry about everyday problems, we just have to remember he knows what we need and will supply it in the measure we require.

It is perhaps significant that on this harvest Sunday our first hymn was all things bright and beautiful and the final hymn was how great thou art. These hymns have a special significance for many of the christian community. One is often the first hymn we ever learn at Sunday School, the other in many cases is often the one which as gran says closes the book and is the one used as the final hymn on the day we make our last journey and come face to face with our maker.
Proof if ever it were needed that God is with us on our travels and with us from beginning to end.

This is why it is important to plant seeds of faith in to hearts of children and this is an area in which our church does exceptionally well. As was shown last week by our girls brigade dedication service, we have an excellent set up of uniformed organisations and committed and faithful volunteers to lead them. However as with all churches the journey to faith starts at Sunday School. We are very fortunate in St Andrew’s that we have a strong well run Sunday School with a fantastic team of leaders.

Our church has it’s roots in our community and that it what gives it its strength. Today was another illustration of that strength and with a minister who speaks to all his parishioners in an easy to understand way and is able to communicate God’s message with power and passion I believe that the seeds of faith planted at each and every service will provide a harvest for humanity which will see a return of a golden crop of glory

Love And Best Wishes Gayle X


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