We Must Move On To A Safer Place And Leave This Village Of Idiots

Hey everyone With every day that passes unionist attempts to scare Scotland into staying put in the ‘UK family’ get even more deranged and to put not too fine a point on it laughable with every day that passes.

Recently we’ve had posh boy Cameron telling us who he will and won’t debate with, and Labour’s chancer oops I mean chancellor in waiting Ed Balls telling us what currency we can or cannot use in an Independent Scotland when he becomes chancellor in a UK government.

This I have to say is pure comedy gold. Well without Scottish votes and seats Balls has as much chance of becoming chancellor as I have of being the darling of the British establishment and we all know that isn’t likely to happen.

Now it is the turn of Philip Hammond to attempt to terrorise the gullible as he questions Scotland’s ability to defend itself from nuclear attack if we don’t have Britain looking after their oops I meant our interests.
This is in my opinion not just insulting it’s insanity. To suggest that uniquely amongst the nations of the world that Scotland a nation whose soldiers have always been the first to be sent in to any battle by those ever friendly Brits could not defend our own territory is so deluded it can I fear only be classified as the demented ravings of a madman.

However I have a message for Mr Hammond and it is a message he is not going to like neither is David Cameron, Ed Balls, or any of the other little posh kids who run both the Conservative and Labour parties in the name of their old school ties and run the peoples of these islands in to the ground.

My message as is simple as it devastating and destroys Hammond’s argument in seconds. It is that not only will an independent Scotland be more than able to defend itself, it will also be far safer outside the United Kingdom than it will be inside it. Well let’s have a look at the facts shall we, because as far as I’m concerned facts win arguments not cheap slogans.

So whilst Hammond and his pals may be happy to play their part in this self indulgent lie feast on behalf of UK PLC I prefer to live in the real world. You see in this real world an independent Scotland which would be an internationalist, outward, peaceful nation would I believe be under a lot less threat than a dark colonial Scotland still under the control of an arrogant imperialist nation punch drunk on a vain quest for a power and influence which diminishes more with every passing week. The Brits have I fear not so much delusions of grandeur but delusions of relevance.

You see they will try to tell us that they still matter in the world and the fact is they don’t. It is I think reasonable to suggest that if the British once believed they were the casanova of nations the more realistic amongst our number may say that they have been in urgent need of political viagra for a very long time. Hard though it may be for them to admit it they are no longer the hard man they once told the world they were, Europe laughs at them, viewing them with a mixture of amusement and disdain and the United States sees them as no more than a pet poodle which obediently barks when it’s told.

On the specific threat of attack, may I remind Mr Hammond that the Glasgow Airport bombing did not happen in an Independent Scotland it happened on Britain’s watch on the day when one Prime Minister handed the reigns of power over to his successor. It was I believe a warning to Gordon Brown to behave himself or face the consequences.

This is a warning which I believe no Prime Minister of Scotland will ever need to receive. As I said earlier Scotland will be internationalist and outward looking rather than arrogant, imperialist and power crazy like the nation we have the golden chance to consign to the history books.

As we move forward to this referendum and beyond let our Scotland say not no nuclear weapons but never to nuclear weapons. We will never support these weapons of mass destruction, not on Scotland’s soil, nor on the soil of any nation on earth. Let us be as the says First Minister a beacon of progress which shines a light to the world by showing what is possible rather than being what is not. Let us and only us decide the size and scale of an armed forces which will only defend Scotland’s interest and take no part in any illegal wars and where the sectarianism which was displayed by some members of the British Army at Ibrox park recently will never again be tolerated.

However the forces of darkness will use every power at their disposal in an attempt to keep Scotland in the grip of their chains. The latest propaganda from that bastion of truth otherwise known as the BBC is that they have gained access to a confidential report which raises concerns about the impact of a yes vote on the economy, politics, and standing of the rest of the United Kingdom
Well pardon me but whilst I do not wish to see people in the rest of the British isles to suffer any economic or political fallout from our independence I am not in the least bit concerned about the sinking standing of a dis united kingdom which in my view was only ever united in name. Honestly my heart truly does bleed for these pompous little brit posh kids. Imagine them not being able to treat Scotland as a colony anymore.

It is my view that no matter whether it’s Balls on the currency issues or Hammond on defence or perhaps the most insane comment of all, wee George Robertson telling us we don’t have any culture, it seems that the people of Scotland are now seeing through the lies. I mean the idea of relying on Britain is something I find more frightening than comforting as I always worry what country they are going to go war with next. It is time I believe to remind ourselves about the dangers of remaining in the union and there are many not least of which is the fact that if we go to war with a country with any genuine nuclear capacity it is Scotland not Westminster which gets the full blast of it in the neck. You know every day some paid unionist hack will say the independence is a risk too big a risk to take. So let me translate this in to English Independence is too big a risk to my career therefore you better not take it or I’ll be very annoyed.

Believe me that and only that is what they are thinking behind closed doors in the safety of the green benches of Westminster. So bearing this deception in mind, I believe independence is a risk worth taking. We really should run whilst we still can, we need to move on to a safer place far away from this village of idiots
Because if we hold back now I totally believe there will be a price to be paid. A price I don’t think is or will ever be worth paying.

Now, the unionists may think they can talk a good game and it’s their job to frighten or even terrify us. There jobs and the final perks and salary scheme a carriage on the gravy train and a seat in the house of lords depend on it. However I hate to shatter their illusions but their policies don’t stand up to scrutiny. This is because when it comes down to the facts Better Together is a slogan stolen from an NHS campaign so that a few wealthy jobsworths can keep their comfy lifestyles. It is that and nothing else and in the words of the Shania Twain that don’t impress me much.

In contrast to the lies and myths of the unionists the positive visions offered by those in the yes campaign illustrate all too clearly that Britain is far from great it is an outdated name for an outdated nation whose best days lie long in the past and a country which if I’m being charitable about it belongs in a museum. An Independent Scotland on the other hand is idea whose time has come.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


One thought on “We Must Move On To A Safer Place And Leave This Village Of Idiots

  1. Extremely well put Gayle, defence is always the one they trot out as an apparent flaw in our claim to independence, the truth is of course that as a small European nation Scotland would be protected by NATO as would other small European nations such as Sweden and Norway etc. The issue is that England lives in a post colonial time warp and insists that Britain should punch above it’s weight in terms of defence, disproportionate to any threat from other nations and paradoxically the fact that we are over armed makes us a target. England will have to find somewhere else to deploy their missiles, Cameron’s back yard might be an idea.

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