We All Have To Follow The Leader Who Seeks Us To Serve

Hey everyone Its Sunday evening and i’m relaxing and doing what I do after church drinking more coffee than I should and watching comfort telly. I am also recovering from an emotional service of dedication for our girls brigade.

As I made the short trip to Baillieston St Andrews at around 11.20 this morning, this meant I was in plenty of time for the 11.30 start I noticed it was one of our busier mornings. I had it seems completely forgotten that it was the brigade dedication service and it only dawned on me when the I saw the brigades fill the front three or four pews. Yes it was that busy, this is one of the benefits of living in a small village and make no mistake Baillieston is a village the fact that it happens to be located within the boundaries of a city is an accident of geography.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the service and the fact that the some of brigaders read passages from the bible made the day even more special. As always Malcolm was on brilliant form and tailored the service round the brigade motto of seek serve follow. He did this by providing clues to each word in the motto.

Those of us who attend every week knew there would be a fun element to this learning process. Well as a former trainer I know learning without fun equals boredom and boredom equals poor results and you don’t get your message across and if there is one thing Malcolm is good at it is getting the message across. He started by telling the explorers to go hide somewhere in the church and he would seek them out.

Normally this could have been a task too far for some ministers but not for Baillieston’s finest as stepped up to the challenge and made a hard job look easy finding our explorers in minutes. Personally I think our
explorers made it a bit too easy for him but maybe they were just being kind.

Anyway, with that task completed, his next assignment was to demonstrate how to serve properly. For this he donned an apron as if he was working in a restaurant and spilled a drop of water to illustrate there is a right way to serve and my guess is that wasn’t it.

Finally for this part of the service Malcolm got the girls to play a game of follow the leader where everyone copies the actions of the leading member of the group. Now if you haven’t been to church you may wonder what hide and seek and follow the leader have to do with the motto of the girls brigade. Well I think they demonstrate that no matter how hard you try to hide god can and will seek you out if you are needed to do his work and that we as christians all follow our leader and serve him to the best of our ability. Who knows what future leaders or even ministers of the church were amongst our brigaders this morning? Only god knows the answer to this question and will direct their paths accordingly.

It is on days like this that my maternal side comes racing to the surface and I must admit that it I did have to wipe a tear or two from my eyes. It’s a good job I wasn’t wearing any mascara. I always was a bit on the emotional side I’ve known that since my Jackie reading days in the Osmond years of the early to mid1970’s but I’ve always considered this to be a strength rather than a weakness.

As a christian I believe it is amazing the kind of things God can help you to deal with. He can empower you to overcome many barriers and face challenges you thought were beyond your ability or understanding some of which you would never have believed you would have attempted.

You know it’s six years ago tonight since I walked through the doors of the wee kirk on the corner for the first time. I remember it was an evening service and I felt at home straight away. Did I think I would still be attending six years later? I don’t know I don’t think I even gave it a thought. Well as it says in the last verse of Matthew Chapter 6 Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring it’s own worries. Today’s troubles is enough for today. Now at the time of that first St Andrew’s service I couldn’t have quoted that verse or any other for that matter. Apart that is from the very well known ones. So I just let god guide my footsteps and I now look forward to going to church each and every Sunday. You see it doesn’t matter who we are god seeks us to serve him no matter where we hide and if we want to live in his promise we all have to follow the leader.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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