Styles Smiles And A Friendship Forged By Fashion

Hey everyone. It was with great sadness that I found out today that one of my favourite shops is closing down.
This is a shop which has played an integral part in my life for last 5 years and has helped style me for both my professional and personal life.

From formal wear such as pristine white blouses and black pencil skirts to dresses for parties and nights out I have been styled by Dorothy Perkins at the Parkhead forge. This has usually happened under the watchful eye of Claire Merriman though others have also played their part namely Lauren McIllduff and Lynsey Sands the latter being particularly helpful in the area of shoes and boots. However it is Claire I shall miss most.

I first got to know her when she worked for the company in their St Enoch Centre which she informed me will remain open despite cuts elsewhere. I don’t know why but I trusted her judgement straight away. We got on well and she quickly became my stylist. So naturally I was pleased when eventually she ended up at the parkhead store.

Today I popped in to see her to let her know I was well and not to worry. It was meant to be a flying visit to look at autumn collections instead I was hearing the death knell of yet another shop.

As we chatted Claire told me that today was the last day of trading and the had I had any money I could have got myself a right few bargains alas my purse was emptier than old mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Everywhere is shutting down Claire said even New Look has gone. It’s this time of cutbacks nobody’s safe I replied.

After finding out that all the staff had found other positions either in the company’s other stores or elsewhere I wished her well for the future and said I hoped that she would enjoy her new post. For the first time since I’ve known her I felt a brief moment of awkwardness well we’re Scottish we’re not very good at goodbyes we tend not to do them very well.

As I left the shop I looked back only briefly. Possibly to remember the buzz of busier times. I wonder where I’ll go now to get quality fashion at decent prices. Something tells me I think it may well be back to the St Enoch Centre to where my love affair with DP really began. Yes it was in that city centre branch of the store that I was to meet a bright breezy blonde whose style and smile would become a fixture in my life over the next five years but it was in the Parkhead branch where we really forged a very fashionable friendship.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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