A Battle For The Heart Of Middle England With Manifestos Made In Manchester

Hey everyone I have a confession to make. I am watching the Conservative party conference. I never watched the Labour Party one last week. I watch this conference not because I have had a Damascus like conversion but because I only watch conferences of party’s in power. I don’t watch irrelevant sideshows.

Now Ed may like to con the voters that he will bin the bedroom tax which everyone knows is an electoral bribe he will never carry through. However the reason I am watching with interest is that this is the party who out of the so-called big three so-called by themselves I might add hold the keys to power and that is why we need to a very watchful eye on them.

The Conservatives are worth listening to if only to remind ourselves why Scotland needs to escape from this Dis United Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong I believe that they do have a passion but it is for a country which though officially called Britain (notice I dropped the great) is in my view no more than the Greater England project.

Listening to the various speakers from Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to International Development Secretary Justine Greening surely a future party leader MEP’s Martin Callaghan and Richard Ashcroft and Foreign Secretary William Hague Scotland has registered barely a mention. This is no surprise when there is more Panda’s in Edinburgh Zoo than there are in Tory MP’s in our country. This is despite the hard work of the likes of Annabelle Goldie and Ruth Davidson and local councillors such as David Meikle as they attempt to win support for their party.

However it must be frustrating for those hard working Conservatives that every time they come up with a new policy the Labour Party copy and paste it in to there top secret files for future reference. You see I know that Ed will have two manifestos, the one he will put to the voters for which he produced a few soundbites during his party’s jamboree and his real one which will be decided on the floor of the Conservative Party conference.

Proof if proof were needed of this startling revelation came this morning when Labour’s UK Health spokesperson Andy Burnham MP expressed his opinion that he would like to see health care unified throughout the UK. I wonder where he got that idea from.

It will be interesting to see if apart from Ruth Davidson’s speech Scotland even rates so much as a mention. My guess is that whilst Alex Salmond the SNP and independence will no doubt be talked down from the conference floor by David Cameron and George Osborne, Scotland as a country, and how the Conservatives plan to change it in the unlikely event of a no vote will I suspect be kept highly secret at least till after the referendum. Be afraid Scotland be very afraid.

You see I believe there are two Conservative parties in British politics and here’s a clue to their identities only one of them is part of the coalition. That party is the one led by the man who refuses to debate with Scotland’s democratically elected
First Minster. I refer of course to David ‘I will defend this United Kingdom with every fibre of my being’ Cameron. These are the official Conservatives who are enjoying their gathering in Manchester as we speak. The other more sinister Conservative Party are not as some may think led by Nigel Farage and are not called the United Kingdom Independence Party they are called the British Labour Party and led by Ed Milliband.

Now some Labour supporters may be outraged by this claim evidence to support is however in plentiful supply. So lets have a look at the facts shall we. I appreciate this is something that the authentic Conservatives may be far more comfortable with than their Labour Party running mates but here are the facts as I see them .

(1) The Conservatives support trident Labour also support trident.

(2) The Conservatives care more about winning seats in Middle England than they do about making inroads in to what they refer to as the Celtic Fringe aka Scotland Wales and Cornwall. This is also true of the Labour Party.

(3)The Conservatives believe in One Nation what is Labour’s new election slogan? that’s right it’s One Nation.

(4) The Conservative Party say they will grant Scotland extra powers if we vote No to Independence. The Labour Party also say this

(5) The Conservative cabinet is filled by millionaire public school types. The Labour Party shadow cabinet is also filled with millionaire public school types.

(6) The Conservatives turned right under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher The Labour Party turned right under Tony Blair

(7) Both parties said they would reform the House Of Lords and neither of them ever had any intention of doing so.

For all those reasons and too many others to list the Labour Party will be watching the Conservative conference very closely. You see I believe that Labour are totally irrelevant. They lost any claim to represent the people when they ditched clause iv. Since that day I have always believed they are actually vacuous and have no policies whatsoever. As for soundbites now that’s a different matter entirely they are very good at them but real government is a step beyond their talents.

It makes me sad to say this but I realised a long time ago that if elected they will be no different from the Blair years and I won’t let Ed fool me in to thinking otherwise. For much as I hate to say it the chance for real socialism in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland probably died before I was even born. This is why though the Labour Party may have had a party meeting in Brighton last week the next UK general election will be a battle for the heart of Middle England with manifestos made in Manchester.

It is for this reason I believe Scotland can’t afford the luxury of a no vote in next year’s referendum and why I believe Independence will prevail. I have to say however It is in my opinion the greatest of all ironies that the main beneficiaries of independence could be a Labour Party which may get it’s voice back thanks to the infusion of new blood it so badly needs. In the meantime as i sit back and watch events in Manchester I am reminded of a horror movie, a movie I want no part in.

I am reminded however that I do have a duty to watch this movie. It is essential viewing if I want to know my enemy, and believe me I do want to know them and more than that I want to know how they think. Why? because as my dad once told me it is only by knowing the enemy that you find the weaknesses to beat them and Scotland has to find those weaknesses, and destroy UK PLC. The consequences if we fail are of an emasculated parliament with much reduced powers and a future too terrifying to contemplate.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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