A Blooming Nuisance Like Godfrey May Scupper Nigel’s Plans But I Suspect Someone Else May Be Secretly Smiling

Hey everyone I had planned to write a non political post today what with it being the day before the march for Independence. I thought about finishing this month’s still to completed Sammy’s blog on the events of September’s Words and Music. However, I decided that would be monday morning’s post. I then thought about writing about the upcoming events at Glasgoes Poetic, our city’s festival of spoken word. Alas, that has also had to wait. Yes I’m afraid it’s independence again, but this time it has nothing to do with Scotland.

No this is about the United Kingdom or to be more precise the United Kingdom Independence Party. You see whilst a bullish Nigel Farage is claiming his party will cause a political earthquake in next year’s European Elections, one of his current MEP’s could yet be a blooming nuisance to his plans.

After a night in which his party gained a council seat from the Conservatives Mr Farage told his party’s conference that UKIP will cause a major upset in the elections to the european parliament next year. However if Mr Farage wishes his party to be taken seriously he may well need to have a chat with one of his most influential members.

It has emerged today that Godfrey Bloom the party’s MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire has referred to women as sluts. This is an outrageous comment from any member of any elected body and it is for which Mr Bloom must apologise. His comment is insulting and demeaning to women and he really needs to be held accountable by Mr Farage if their party is ever to retain any shred of credibility.

Watching the latest news I hear that Mr Bloom is to have the whip withdrawn from him subject to a full disciplinary hearing.
This is good news and I hope he is dealt with in an appropriate way and told that his grossly offensive comments have no place in British politics

Personally I have no time for Mr Farage or his party. I see them as right wing British Nationalists who believe in a Britain which if it ever did exist certainly hasn’t done so in my political lifetime. Their policies based round race and immigration threaten to take Britain back to a victorian age or at there most liberal a time before the Waltons told us tales of growing up in the great depression.

For the moment however, I will put my natural prejudices against a party which I perceive to be the voice of Daily Mail reading white van Britain and say that he must expel the man who has often been described as one of his party’s most colourful characters.

You know it occurs to me as I’m sure it does to many others in the political village that this is often a shorthand for trouble maker and tonight Mr Bloom a man who is as the press and media correctly say no stranger to controversy, has certainly caused trouble for his boss.

It is not the first time that Godfrey Bloom has been in trouble with his party for his shall we say outlandish views. He once referred to those from a different ethnic origin as ‘coming from bongo bongo land’ This comment made in relation to British commitment to overseas aid was by anyone’s standard a deeply racist and offensive remark for which he was quite rightly disciplined.

Farage and his party are no strangers to the race game as their rhetoric and policies often target immigrants. In fact they often claim that ‘We British’ are being swamped by immigrants and this fantasy is often served as dish of the day to the gullible by those in the right wing press.

It has to be said Farage and his party do not enjoy anywhere close to the same level of popularity in Scotland as they do south of the border. However, this is something of which they do not want to be reminded. Indeed, on a recent visit to Edinburgh a city I shall be visiting tomorrow, he attempted in vain to play the race card when he was met with rather a noisy welcome.

This was due to the fact demonstrators turned up in numbers to let him know that neither he nor his policies were welcome on the streets of our nation’s capital. Nigel however refused to accept that those who demonstrated had a valid viewpoint and blamed it all on Anti English racism stirred up by Alex Salmond and the SNP. The fact that most of those in attendance were from other more left wing parties and groups seemed to completely pass him by. With a leader like Mr Farage it is perhaps easy to understand why UKIP are often viewed by their political rivals as a party of eccentrics and oddballs. A party which would give succour to the likes of Godfrey Bloom.

This time though Mr Bloom has gone too far even for Mr Farage. Calling Women sluts has never be acceptable and it certainly isn’t the language of a 21st century political party.
It shows contempt for women and the fact that Mr Bloom refused to say sorry when given the chance to do so by the press merely illustrates that he is a liability to his party and may have done Nigel’s plans for victory irreparable damage by being a blooming nuisance.

There is however, one man whom will I suspect be smiling at Mr Bloom’s bloomer. As he puts a slice of lemon in his Gin and Tonic, or maybe treats himself to a wee single malt, he may very well turn to his wife and say you know what Samantha I think we can call this place home for another five years, that man is David Cameron.

I say this as UKIP so often the scourge of the Tories in recent years are not yet used to the glare of publicity that comes with being accepted as a mainstream political party and maybe just maybe this will give Cameron the chance to position himself and his party as the voice of the respectable right. This is the territory Tony Blair occupied so well that Margaret Thatcher once called him a better conservative than John Major. These are the areas where the Tories need to hold or make gains to win in 2015, and make no mistake this will have benefited them greatly.

As he sits in his front room watching a DVD David Cameron may be thinking I can do this now. I just need to keep Boris and the backbenchers quiet for the next 20 months. Well it’s either that or Nick keeps his job.

Either way however he will be the one with most to gain from Mr Bloom’s misadventures and today may be the day he realised that his re-election is on. Though I suspect should be re-elected I think he may be ruling over a very different Britain than the one he rules now.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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