Setting The Pace Is All Very Well But We’ll Win The Race To Glory

Hey everyone In 365 days time we as a nation will be counting the votes after having taken the most important decision in our country’s history. As a supporter of independence, I hope we will have made what I consider to be the right decision, to restore our country to full nationhood and it’s rightful place in the global family of nations.

To me all I hear on the news or read in the press seems to constant whining from the pro union camp with a threatening undertone of don’t you dare leave us Who do you think you are getting ideas above your station etc.

This is in my opinion nothing short of blackmail. These people it seems are absolutely hell bent on preserving their union no matter the cost to the rest of us and make no mistake there will be a cost as Scotland will suffer an economic nightmare under a London government which and I hate to say rightly pour scorn on our moaning and mock and taunt us with phrase you had your chance to change and didn’t take it.

Of course they will deny this at the moment and the Westminster chorus of doom is getting louder and more demented by the day in support of the union. So why am I feeling more optimistic than ever before that a year from today independence of my land can and will be won.

Well there are a number of reasons and the first one may very well surprise you it is the fact we are behind in the opinion polls.

Now before some people start questioning my sanity I should perhaps explain that I come from what I call the 78 school of scottishness. This subscribes to the theory that the mantle of favourite never did sit well on Scotland’s shoulders and god forbid if we take the lead too early it gives the opposition time to change tactics and re-group however if they believe they are winning the debate then they will see no need to change direction therefore the arrogance and smugness which clouds their judgement will work to turn the tide decisively in our favour.
Another key factor which will result in our victory will I believe be the feel good factor which will come from the commonwealth games being held in Glasgow. Unlike the Olympics, this is an international event where Scotland competes in our own right. This will be a powerful reminder to the don’t know’s of which I believe there will be a significant number even at that stage that Scotland is a country. I state this fact to give a reminder to some of the politically delusional such as Anas Sarwar and his ilk.

The fact that we are holding this prestigious sporting event where Scotland and England can compete in both rivalry and friendship and the warm welcome which I am sure will be given to athletes of all nations will give a boost to our campaign for a free and inclusive Scotland.

This is why Mr Cameron the official head of the United Kingdom and therefore whether professional moaners in the Labour Party like it or not the head of Better Together wanted our referendum held in July 2012 right in the middle of the Brit fest of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and certainly no later than July 2013. This was if memory serves me right and it does was the date that Michael Moore said was the latest date it must be held by.

Sanity however prevailed and it was the democratically elected First Minister of Scotland who announced the date of the referendum which is exactly as it should be. The fact he in my opinion wisely went for a long campaign was to sap the strength from the no campaign and slowly but surely I believe it is working.

Another reason for optimism is the unity within the Yes camp. As a multi-party organisation we are fully aware that Patrick Harvie’s vision of a green and pleasant Scotland will contrast sharply with those in business for Scotland and Conservative or Liberal business types. We also know that the SNP vision for independence will differ in many ways from that of Dennis Canavan, the SSP and more traditional working class Labour supporters. However, in Yes campaign there is a genuine climate of respect for our contrasting visions of our nation’s democratic future. Contrast this if you will with the very real division within the no campaign. It is I think hardly classified information to say that many of these people actually hate each other and can hardly stand the fact that they are by force of circumstances allied with their deadly enemies.

Also the issue of who we trust more to make the right decisions for Scotland will also come up on the doorstep. This I believe will be a significant factor in encouraging voters to vote yes. You see this is an area where the Scottish Government’s scores almost four times higher than that of it’s Westminster counterparts. To me at least this represents a real opportunity for our campaign to exploit the weaknesses in the unionist campaign. For example we must ask them why Scotland has been given the Bedroom Tax and will if we stick with the union see the royal mail bought over by private shareholders. These are policies Scotland did not vote for will not accept this shows a dark hand of deception at the core of the so-called United Kingdom.

On personalities Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon constantly outscore both there Scottish and UK rivals when it comes to credibility. So why then believe the unionist scare stories that the lights will go out on Scotland if we dare to disrespect them by becoming independent.

This is, and I will say it, scaremongering nothing more and nothing less. As recently as a few hours ago Annabel Goldie former leader of the Scottish Conservatives. and one of the most principled unionists in politics openly admitted that Scotland could more than afford to an independent nation, this as cabinet secretary John Swinney reminded us is direct contradiction to what the Tories have been telling the people of this country for the last 20 years.

Personally I think John a decent and honourable man is being more than charitable letting them off with 20 years I would say they have been getting away with spinning this line for almost 40 years.

If that wasn’t bad enough Willie Rennie
and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats admitted in a dangerous potentially fatal mistake for no campaign that the unionist parties need to make the parliament a permanent arrangement. This implies, no change that, it states, that the Scottish Parliament which we voted for in a two question referendum on the 11th September 1997 and which got a mandate from over two thirds of those who voted is a temporary arrangement which can be dismantled by any Westminster Government should it choose to do so.

This is in my view an abhorrent abomination and an insult to both the people of Scotland and the democratic progress of which the British say they are proud. Yeah it sure as hell looks like it to me and I don’t think.

From Anas Sarwar to Ruth Davidson and many more besides no unionist who wishes to have even the most remote shred of credibility will I believe be stupid enough the BNP and Orange Order are the less than honourable exceptions to say that Scotland could not survive as an independent country. This would expose a severe combination of a lack of intellectual ability and severe self confidence issues which they would have to deal with. To deny that a potentially rich country like Scotland could successfully function as an independent country is and let me be very clear about this to deny reality. Only a fool would dare go down this road, fortunately for the yes campaign there are no shortage of such creatures in the better together camp.

Having proven beyond any doubt that Scotland could be an independent country the yes campaign now has the more difficult task of bringing about the change it seeks.

This will not be easy. Unionists will try every trick in a book whose rules they will rewrite as many times as they need to in an attempt to save the union they serve. Some will take great delight in talking Scotland down, however those are not the ones we need to worry about. The ones we need to worry about are the smart ones, they will play not on the cold hard facts of the economy or its potential to grow in a post independent Scotland, this is fertile territory for Yes Scotland and they know it. Therefore it is not a road they are willing to go down. These unionists will go down what they perceive to be the softer side of the debate focusing on what they see as shared values and identity.

It is this group whom I believe represent the greatest danger to independence as they will attempt to frame the debate around shared events and icons such as the Monarchy the London Olympics and the Broadcast media such as the BBC claiming that it is things like these which make Britain great though personally I have my doubts as to whether their points would stand up to close scrutiny when compared with issues such child poverty, illegal wars, the bedroom tax and attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.

With one year to go till the votes are cast and counted the unionists will no doubt be comforted by their friends in the press telling them they are in winning position in the opinion polls. However it was I believe a Labour Prime Minister who said that a week is a long time in politics and as we now enter the final few miles of the marathon. It is time to start asking the unionists why we are better together and to outline the progress of the union and why Scotland should remain a part of it something tells me they will not be able to come up with the answers and they will discover that if a week is a long time in this game a year is a hell of a lot longer.

As the polls close on a day when the people of Scotland have decided our future. I believe when they see the votes stacking up in favour of independence as I hope and suspect they will be reflecting back to this day when like Hearts in 1986 and I’ll say this at the risk upsetting Alex Salmond they went to the final day anticipating victory but fate had a very different plan lined up and it was another team doing the celebrating. After all as any athlete or sports fan knows the front runner doesn’t too well in distance races, they only tend to set the pace not win the race to glory.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


3 thoughts on “Setting The Pace Is All Very Well But We’ll Win The Race To Glory

  1. My opinion is that London is not able abolish the Scottish Parliament, and for the following reasons: The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, The Claim Of Right of 1689, The ruling of McCormick vs the Lord Advocate in 1953 (which affirms the first two and the following) and also the Claim Of Right of 1989. As you know, the ruling said:
    “The Lord President did give his opinion that “the principle of unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle and has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law”.”
    When this is all put together with the fact that the “settled will of the people of Scotland” was to have a Scottish Parliament – as demonstrated in the 1997 referendum – it will now be impossible for London to terminate it without causing a grave constitutional crisis.

    In my opinion we already are in the midst of a grave constitutional crisis because the purpose for which the Scottish Parliament was formed has long since been overtaken by events.

    Let me explain my thoughts: The Scottish Parliament was created not to give great autonomy to the Scots, but just the *illusion* of it. This is initially demonstrable by the very name of the elected group who would take the decisions: The ‘Scottish Executive,’ not the ‘Scottish Government.’

    Secondly, the powers it was given was just the authority of the Scottish Office in London and nothing worthy of a ‘proper’ government body, such as all taxation and spending within the nation of Scotland (the current 3% income tax variance was again to give the illusion of autonomy and in my opinion was never intended be used).

    The final intention of the design of the Scottish Parliament was that Labour – who were instrumental in its creation – would permanently hold a position of power and that the SNP should never be able to gain a majority of MPs:
    During the election, Labour’s Scottish General Secretary Jack McConnell was challenged to confirm that the intention of the reformed voting system was to prevent the SNP from gaining power in the devolved Parliament with a minority of the popular vote. Mr McConnell replied: “Correct.”

    The election of a majority SNP Executive in 2007 and then its landslide majority in 2011 has rocked the very foundations of the current Scottish Parliament settlement and has questioned the basis on which it was formed and what is its ‘raison d’etre’. After the SNP majority was confirmed, there was much howling from unionists who said that the electoral system was ‘broken’ ( In fact it had worked exactly as intended.

    One thing that could happen in the event of a NO vote though, is that the Scottish Parliament’s current powers might be reduced significantly, so that it becomes nothing more than an expensive talking shop. I don’t think that this would be wise to do, because it would raise its own serious constitutional question: By virtue of the referendum to form the Scottish Parliament and by their participation in forming its governments, the People of Scotland endorsed have the Scottish Parliament AND the powers it currently has: Back to the ‘Settled Will’ reasoning.

    Not only that, polls consistently show that the People of Scotland are demanding more powers for it. Much, much more. Why did they vote SNP in such numbers in 2011? Because they saw that the UK parties were not ever going to deliver these powers. The UK cannot and will not offer much more: This is demonstrated by the Calman Commission, which added such nuggets as control over air guns, speed limits, stamp duty and greater variance in the Income Tax rate that again will never be used. Now the unionists propose another talking shop to review the SP’s powers – even before the Calman recommendations are implemented!

    The Conservatives warned that devolution would put an end to the union:
    Popular arguments against the Parliament before the UK general election of 1997, levelled by the Conservative Party, were that the Parliament would create a “slippery slope” to Scottish independence, and provide the pro-independence Scottish National Party with a route to power.John Major, the Conservative Prime Minister before May 1997, famously claimed the Parliament would end “1000 years of British history”, although the Acts of Union uniting the two countries were still less than 300 years old at the time. The Labour Party met these criticisms by claiming that devolution would fatally undermine the SNP, and remedy the long-felt desire of Scots for a measure of self-government.

    This prediction has now been shown to be true, because we are now in a situation where the People of Scotland are demanding far greater powers for their Scottish Parliament while London has chosen to not ever deliver much – if anything – more. Add to this the fact that London cannot now withdraw the Scottish Parliament at their whim nor significantly reduce its powers without invoking a constitutional crisis and we are faced with a political state of limbo, a case of the unstoppable force of the will of the People of Scotland meeting the immovable object of unbending London imperial rule. Attempts to change devolution from within the UK are thus always destined to fail.

    There is only one way left now to resolve the state of limbo. Only a YES vote in September 2014 will empower the Scottish Parliament, thus allowing the unstoppable force to go over the head of the immovable object and take the People of Scotland on to bigger and better things.

  2. Propaganda is for Mr & Mrs Public, if you believe your propaganda then fool you.
    As it stands at present the YES vote is losing.
    There’s a long way to go, so as the song says, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.
    Once the dark nights leave us in a few weeks time, stand by for the big guns coming out.
    Keep your friends close and your tin hat closer.

    • Hey Graham I think I said as much in the post but I was also saying that I would be scared to take the lead too early as it would give the unionists a lot more time to regroup.

      I have no doubt we can and will win by the force of our argument and the reason with which we put it forward. However, I do agree that we need to do more and we will do more but I take no notice of the polls no matter how good or bad they happen to be at the time.

      I believe this referendum will be up for grabs until the polls close on decision day and that just like the result in Montenegro when it voted for independence that there will be a significant swing to yes on the day when people realise it is time to make history and give our country the government we elect not the one chosen for us and dependent on the goodwill of others.

      Thanks for your contribution

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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