Forget The Border Warfare We Have Bigger Games To Play

Hey everyone At this very moment there is a football match taking place somewhere in London. I think it may be at Wembley where Scotland have travelled down to play England. The match is billed a friendly to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the English Football Association. However others see it as rekindling the oldest international rivalry in world football it is according to some a classic case of border warfare of us v them.

As for my perspective, well I hope I’m not guilty of treason when I say that though I want Scotland to win, I believe times have moved from the days when this game meant a lot more to people than it should have done and far from wanting a return of what used to be an annual fixture, I couldn’t care less if it was never played again unless in the qualifiers for a major tournament when only when we have a team good enough to knock them out.

You see I have long held the belief that those who are calling for it’s return are doing Scotland no favours whatsoever. In fact I would argue that they falling head first in to a cultural stereotype which has been set for them by the British Establishment.

I justify this belief by stating that last week when Channel 4 covered the build up to tonight’s fixture, they portrayed whether by accident or design and I say now I think it was the latter that England was outward looking and ambitious with bigger fish to fry. To England there main rivals were with superpowers such Brazil and Germany. In contrast Scotland was perceived as insular and parochial and they even had the audacity to claim that ‘to the Scots there was no bigger game’

This is in my view a load of arrogant tosh. Personally I would have taken a leathering tonight if we could have had World Cup qualification in exchange for a victory in this game.

It is my belief that when this game was played on a regular basis it was actually toxic and worked against Scotland’s national interests I say this because it was part of the British Home International Championships which was contested not by Scotland and England but also by Wales And Northern Ireland the fixation with being with the best of British worked against Scotland both in football and national identity. You could say we took our eyes off the ball. The best example I can give was my dad telling he would have sacrificed the 3-2 win in 1967 for a similar victory
three years later in Mexico. However Scotland didn’t qualify for the last world cup I class myself too young to remember well I was only 8 but to me Qualification for the 1974 World Cup in what was then West Germany and 5 of the next 6 World Cups set the bar higher than beating what our staunchly unionist press would when it suited them refer to as ‘the English’ These are the same people who our press and media like to blame for Tory and Tony governments because it doesn’t suit their political agenda but then tell us we are better together with because they don’t like Alex Salmond or the SNP he leads despite the fact Scotland voted for that government.

Make no mistake England is not the only country to have moved on we have also moved on and have bigger games to play. I believe our final move will take place on the 18th of September next year when we win biggest ever game and assert our right to be an independent country. This I believe will improve the strained relations between the two nations as we enter a new dawn where both countries treat each other with respect as equal nations who will both get the government of our choice.

Then in a spirit of friendship we will end the border warfare and wish our friends and neighbours well when they compete in major championship and banish the ludicrous Anti English chip from both our shoulders and get on with the business with being a friend and comrade in the international community of nations.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

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