The Friends Who Stayed With You At The Darkest Hour Of Night Are The Ones You Should Remember When The Sun Shines

Hey everyone It’s been a quieter weekend than I would have liked at least it has so far. There is still time for this to change but as I prepare for church in the morning I value the fact I have had time to reflect. Well even I need my quiet times.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, I had plans to attend a few events but circumstances sometimes get in the way of life but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

What the reason is I don’t actually know but having this spare time has given me the chance to think about the next few months and attempt reassess my priorities.

I think that my catch up with my good friend Siobhan on Thursday afternoon was more valuable than even I had realised. It’s always good to see friends you haven’t seen for a while but in this instance it was perhaps of even greater significance as it made me realise the importance of the chains that bind real friends over time.

As we chatted we talked not only about the present and a future which we are both eagerly anticipate will bring us both challenges and rewards in equal measure. We also recalled shared memories of good friends and you had to be there moments.

It is events like these and the memories made at them which to me illustrate the difference between real friends and those colleagues or neighbours who think they know you a lot better than they do. Perhaps they should remember that assumptions which are usually based on ignorance more often than not lead to fear of others and that this is often the direct result of prejudice and stereotyping
which assumptions so often bring as their baggage

You know I have always believed in the saying that to assume makes an ass of you and me. That is why I try really hard to avoid making assumptions. After all I have had to shatter a few in my time as people have often felt without knowing that they could judge me based on some aspect of appearance.
Well you may be thinking that as a transsexual women some people will be quick to pass an opinion on me, and yet you will no doubt be surprised to know that though has happened and I am not going to lie and say it hasn’t, the situation has actually improved for me since transition.

Now I am certain that will have shocked a few of you as if you believe the press you would have expected it to get worse but far from it I have to say it has not only improved it has improved dramatically. Part of the reason for this is the fact that though men may have evolved from the cave their is still an inner caveman lurking inside a significant number of them. Many men still make judgements on people based on such factors as height and physical prowess and often presume that they have a greater intelligence than you and are genuinely shocked when they find out that you could wipe the floor with them. Yes tribalism is still alive though not quite as open as it once was and I have to be honest I really don’t miss not being called wee barra.

It is now the early hours of Sunday morning and peace and stillness hang like a nocturnal blanket over the village skies. It is in these quiet times I reflect on the words of wisdom my granny taught me these people are not really important enough for you to consider their opinions to be of any lasting value and they obviously haven’t heard of the biblical truth judge least you be judged.

It is also a fundamental truth to say that real friends will never judge you and will stand by you even when you get things wrong. It is these friends who were with you when times were tough. The friends who stayed with at the darkest hour of the night who as my granny said are the true friends, the friends you should remember when the sun shines.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

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