I’m No Domestic Goddess But I Can Dish Up My Recipe For Happiness

Hey everyone Had a late dinner last night as my flatmate and I got caught up with the first glimpse of a certain baby. I have to say as a republican I have mixed emotions on all this media coverage.

My way of looking at the general fawning which seems to overtaken people who are normally reasonably sane journalists is to ignore it and remember that in amongst the chaos surrounding this event a young woman has just given birth and to be honest I was far more interested in seeing her gushing as any new mum would than I was in seeing the new baby

My flatmate who has no fixed views on the monarchy was if truth be told far more agitated than I was as the delay in the new baby being presented to the world meant her nightly fix of Emmerdale was delayed by half an hour.

After enjoying a typically filling mid week meal which Janette had prepared it was time for me to do my share of the domestic duties and do the dishes and have a general tidy up of the kitchen.

It is during this time when I enjoy some me time, drifting in to a private dream world where I can ignore all thoughts of what name a couple will give to their child or whose been saying what in the Independence debate or what’s the latest story on the soaps that my flatmate and many others will insist on watching.

This is when I realise that kitchen duties can be quite therapeutic at times especially when your actually good at something which you weren’t really supposed to be. I say this because as anyone who knows me will testify my hand to eye co-ordination has never been brilliant.

In fact if truth be told it’s so bad that my mother tried to ban me from the kitchen on the grounds she thought I might break things. So every time I mange to avoid smashing the place to bits it is at least for me a small cause for celebration.

Also, it is true to say that when I’m alone in the kitchen
I can multi-task and nobody will ever know it. Well I may be wearing marigolds and cleaning plates pots and cutlery but the reason for my smile is a secret between me and Donny Osmond or is it George Clooney? The fact is I don’t know and that’s what makes my dream world such an attractive place.

Now though I enjoy my housework I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a domestic goddess. I mean I don’t think Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson have anything to worry about but at least I am comfortable in the kitchen and quite like the idea that as many of my friends are being forced fed with a diet of trivia I’m getting busy creating my recipe for happiness.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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