Walking With The Air Of A Confident Woman

Hey everyone  I don’t quite know how i manage it, but i seem to be the kind of girl who gets free offers for just about everything girlie. Whether it’s try the latest killer mascara and or getting a leaflet for a new nail bar yes even the exclusive ones,  i seem to be selected without trying too hard. This will i am sure annoy many of my friends  who never get asked if they wish to try the latest perfume or eye shadow not too mention lippy, but i can honestly say i manage my miracle without too much effort.

Personally i think my secret is a combination of my appearance and body language .The way i see it is that shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable its one of the best parts of woman, well it ranks along with girls nights, the potential to land a gorgeous, sophisticated, cultured, and hopefully rich partner and also the fact that far more than men we have the power to change the world.

So having realised that going round the shops even on days when you can’t afford anything is a kind of social therapy, I always make the best of a little me time. and sometimes wander aimlessly round my favourite department stores. Maybe this is another reason why i might be perceived the kind of girl  that sales assistants chat to. Well it’s either that, or the fact I remind them of their mad auntie. You know the type, the one they  loved but their mum, or dad depending on which one is your sibling, runs  for cover or hides under the bed the minute they see you coming up the driveway or garden path and refuse to come out until you’ve safely left the house.

If i am totally honest, i think the answer is probably a bit of both, however is one of my girlfriends who could easily be my niece or if she was mad enough  my daughter, said recently she thinks its about the way I carry myself. Well she is not the only one who has commented that I walk with the air of a confident woman.  This will let people know that I am friendly, approachable, and though I am not working at the moment, professional.  Well I may be unemployed but I still make an effort to look my best

The importance of this cannot be underestimated as there are many people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland  who are still dressing for the winter wearing anoraks and heavy coats when Summer has officially at least actually arrived. This kind of negative image will not attract the attention of sales staff, as they probably have a pre conceived idea that you will not be interested in what they are selling even though you might be. This is especially true if you look in any way hurried. or appear to be nervous.  Yes I know the moaning minnies will say that i’m fifty something trapped in the mind of a teenager or twenty something.  This probably because I never wear trousers, i’m just a skirts and dresses  kinda  girl, Well if you’ve got the legs which I know I have, it would be positivity sinful to not show a little bit. Believe me i’ve had more than one man buy me a drink or give up his seat on the bus because i’ve done so. So between you and me I  think the moaning minnies are shall we say a wee bit on the jealous side.

As a transsexual woman i know the importance of maintaining my appearance and this can be demonstrated by made choice of outfits which are always feminine but with a business like style. Indeed i have often been told usually by young males that i look like a school teacher or librarian in her mid 40’s This is not bad in terms of profession as i used to work as an equality trainer before losing my job due to cuts almost two years ago. I have also to say I am delighted with the age range I get put in  as I am actually in my very early 50’s.

The fact I always smile when I am approached with the offer a pampering session, well, lets be honest girls what woman wouldn’t, is usually an indication that I might be interested in the idea. I mean, come on admit the truth it’s never quite the same if you are approached by someone asking if you want a pay day loan. However anyone who has known me since my pre-transition days will tell you the positive impact it has had on my life.  As i say in the title of the post i am walking with the air a confident woman. and believe me i’m doing it with dignity, sophistication and a little bit of style.

Love And Best Wishes 

Gayle X


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