Blame It On The Burd

Hey everyone. A year ago last night I wrote the words which would change my life to a far greater extent than I thought possible. Those four little words were welcome to tartan tights.

Yes I can hardly believe a year has come & gone since inspired by the legend that is Kate Higgins & her brilliant blog BurdzEyeView I decided to take this leap of faith or was it insanity. I don’t know I’ll leave that to you to decide.

You may ask why tartan tights? Well I believe the name should fit the blogger & tartan tights certainly gives an accurate description of me. Well I’m Scottish by which I mean to say I view Scottish rather than British as my primary identity & support Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom. I am also a transsexual woman & I wanted to use a name which painted an accurate portrait of me so it was tartan tights or bitchy knickers & to be honest I think I made the right choice or at least I hope I did.

Anyway, inspired by reading Kate’s blog which I had been reading for months I thought why not give it a go. I have to say I really respect Kate but I could never compete with her,so it is good we are writing for different audiences. I believe her blog on all things topical & political is of excellent quality & is actually better than certain newspapers. However Kate didn’t inspire to compete with her or anyone else, she inspired me to find my voice.

If BurdzEyeView is like the quality newspaper of the blogging world, tartan tights is I think more of a magazine. A quality magazine of course it combines the socially liberal views of the Guardian the chatty warmth of Women’s Own & the culture of Cosmopolitan all from a pro independence angle.

What do I blog about? Anything & everything that takes my fancy on any given day. From politics to comedy, from spoken world nights to transgender issues I will say it as I see it & always in my traditional straight talking style. Sometimes I may even post a poem on here. You have been warned.

Actually, when I say I have sometimes posted a poem on the blog what I really mean is I have written many poems on the blog. The great thing about writing poems on here is this that I have the chance to edit as I write & this has twin positives of saving at least half of the rain forrest & improving the quality of my work.

I really enjoy writing for my blog & I hope you enjoy reading my rants rhymes & occasional thoughts. If you like what I do then I’m glad but at the end of the day I’m just a wee gabby wee madam with opinions on everything & the guts to tell it like it is. Its just the way I am & I don’t see it changing any time soon. Well that would mean turning sensible & believe me that is most definitely not in my plans.

No that is not for me I am & will always be an ureconstructed Glasgow girl. I shoot from the lip & always know my targets. I also make sure I have a very accurate aim. I am who I am for better or for worse, it is your choice to take it or leave it. I know I have some regular readers & they seem to like my style but that might be because they accept me as I am with all my faults & flaws. in the words of my friend Louise- Anne Geddes I am ‘opinionated, lippy, smart, & hilarious’ Modesty prevents me from commenting on the last of the four words she selected to describe me but I would definitely agree with the first three. Well I am smart & I am definitely opinionated & lippy that is such a fact that it isn’t even up for discussion. As for the fact that I choose to share my opinions in a blog well I’ve got my excuse at the ready. You see I was inspired to do it & I blame it on the burd.

Love & Best Wishes
Gayle X


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