Its Not About Word Games Its A Question Of Fairness

Hey everyone It appears that the unionists are screaming hysterically that the Scottish Government’s referendum question is unfair. Oh really, its time that this parcel of rogues got over themselves and lived in the real world. You may think I am being slightly unkind but its the hypocrisy of them that makes me so angry. You see this is exactly the same question that was used in 1997 Devolution referendum, so my question to the unionists is if it was fair then why it is unfair now?.

The answer is simple it isn’t unfair it is perfectly fair. To deny this is to deny reality. I mean I’m putting this in terms anyone can understand even Anus Sarwar and Johann Lamont. The only difference between 1997 and 2014 is that in 97 the unionists were setting the agenda or so they thought. Maybe if they had listened to the wise words of former Labour MP and principled unionist Tam Dalyell they would have realised this day would come and there would be nothing they could do to stop it happening.

You see Tam so often a maverick when he believed his course was the best course for the greater long term good of the party was a principled anti-devolutionist on the grounds that it would at whatever pace one day lead to the break up of the United Kingdom. Therefore to go ahead with it in the attempt to buy off the allegiances of a few thousand voters who were considering switching to the SNP was naivety which bordered on stupidity. Far better he would say for them to find temporary shelter with the SNP then frustrated at their new party’s lack of progress slowly but steadily come back to the Labour fold.

But Labour didn’t listen to Tam, no instead of listening to a man of principle they listened to shallow careerists such as George Robertson and George Foulkes who believed that devolution would in Robertson words ‘kill independence stone dead’. Now God knows these two were never the brightest of the bunch but this rant was rampant insanity at its most deadly and delusional. As Tam Dalyell warned them that devolution was ‘a motorway to Independence with no exits’ They ignored his words of caution & now as he predicted its the SNP and their pro Independence allies including many Labour supporters and more members than will publicly admit it who are calling the shots.

Make no mistake the unionists led by David ‘General Custer’ Cameron are all over the place, their campaign is in tatters & this is there last stand. In less than two years they will be routed and Scotland will win our independence.

Why am I so sure when opinion polls seem to point the unionist winning the vote? I can of think two reasons which immediately spring to mind (1) The polls were predicting a Labour victory in the Scottish Election and we all know how accurate they turned out to be. (2) the force of our argument will crush the unionists and we will do this by simple logic. Well let’s look at the facts shall we! Dependency is not a normal state of behaviour. Independence is the normal state of affairs be it for a nation or an individual. This is a fact whether unionists like it or not .

Evidence to support this argument is provided by our attitudes to income. After we have paid all our bills and taken care of essentials such as food and shelter, we like to think that the rest of our money is ours to spend as we wish, or at least I know I do. So imagine if I went up to a unionist MP I’ll give you an example by using someone I like Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson. If I went up to her & said Jo you see your salary, I want it, but don’t worry I will give you some back. However, there is a catch I’ll will tell you what you can spend and what you can spend it on. Decent though she is, I think Jo would tell me to take a running jump and you know what she would be quite right to do so. I mean that kind of behaviour would be totally unacceptable. You can’t impose your will on others or seize their wages to do as you wish and if you can’t do it to another adult then why let another Government do it to your nation.

The reason the unionists are so worried about by the wording of the question is because they are going to lose and possibly by a very wide margin. This hysteria is bullying brought on by fear of defeat. After all if they really believed they were going to win they wouldn’t care what question we asked because they would be able to answer it and would be confident of victory whenever the referendum is held.

The unionists are trying to say we are playing word games, however this is not about word games its a question of fairness. So bearing this in mind I say again if this question was good enough for the devolution referendum in 97 then why is it not good enough and because we said so is not and will never be an acceptable answer.

However it is the best they can up with, because unlike those of us who have a positive vision for our nation they don’t know what they believe in and are defined only what by they don’t. So whilst teamwork has been and will remain the cornerstone of our campaign, team union is a team who know that one by one their tablets of stone are turning in to grains of sand.

Hey wait a minute is that a flag I see at half mast? I think it is and the blue in the banner is slowly fading away just like unionist control of our country. You see the electoral commission is only an advisory body so it is perfectly within the right of the Scottish Government to say thanks for your advice but its Scotland’s referendum and we’ll take our own path and walk on to victory.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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