When All You Can Offer Are Crumbs Of Discomfort Its Time To Change The Menu

Hey everyone I have just watched a programme on food poverty in Britain and I’m outraged that people in this so-called developed country can slip through the system to such an extent that they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The programme was called Britain’s Hidden Hungry and its Britain’s national disgrace that it had to be made in the first place.

The programme was filmed in Coventry and centred on the an issue which many amongst the chattering classes would sweep under the carpet. I’m talking about levels of poverty which so are disturbing they shame any civilised nation, as the programme illustrated that more people than ever are going to food banks for essential supplies to see them through the week.

The people using these food banks are for the most part not down and outs or people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs but ordinary people some of whom have got in to financial difficulties because they had this crazy notion that actually wanted to work and contribute something to society.

This to me is sickening beyond words and proves that Mr Cameron’s claims that we’re all in this together is arrant nonsense. Britain according to my former boss is the fourth richest economy in the world. When I asked him why the country was so bitterly divided in terms between rich and poor his smug reply was I never said it was equitable. I told him if a country’s wealth is not distributed equally then it cannot delude either itself and its population that it is one of the top economy’s in the world.

I was dismayed that such a right wing individual could kid themselves on they were socially progressive. However when someone comes from a well off background they just don’t get the real world no matter how they would like to say otherwise. I hope some people like this are watching this and are genuinely shocked by what they are seeing. However I don’t think they will be they’ll be far too pleased with themselves as they live in their comfort zone.

I hope they are happy in their comfort zone because when I see a young woman who wants to make something of herself and has not had three meals a day since Christmas, and is surviving on one meal a day I shocked the very core of my being. This is quite frankly unacceptable and can never be acceptable. if things like this don’t sadden your heart then you haven’t got a heart.

The saddest part of the programme for me was when the girl concerned said that she could manage one meal a day because she had been doing it for so long and that you get used to it after a couple of weeks. When she was told at her benefits office that she would be better off having a baby as that would entitle her to claim benefits I nearly ranted at my television.

You know according to the current Government this is a great time to be British and if you’ve got millions of pounds and went to a posh private school they may be right. For the rest of us however Cameron’s Camelot is about is about as far removed from reality as you can be whilst still remaining on earth. So just for clarity and the total avoidance of doubt I will say this once & once only. This Mr Cameron is not the type of country I want to live in nor will it ever be.

Make no mistake, something needs done and it needs done now. My suggestion is that there should be No Bonuses paid until this country is out of recession. This applies to chief executives of large companies but especially the Bankers After all they were the ones who got the country in to this mess, and they should get us out of it.

So Mr Cameron my message is clear. You do not rule a united kingdom you rule a deeply divided one. Where a country is split between those who have enough personal wealth to live off the interest of their accrued savings and others have to take loans to at exorbitant interest rates just to put food on the table or have enough money to pay for the heating.

This is a scandalous situation to be in for a so-called great nation. As you will no doubt have been taught at school, the renowned Scottish economist Adam Smith wrote a book called the Wealth Of Nations. However I have to take issue with how you and others have taken this to mean the Nation’s national wealth. This idea of wealth is at best a fantasy, the real wealth of a nation lies in its people. It is time to help those people by abandoning austerity and not abandoning them. Its time to end Britain’s hidden hunger and get real people back to work rather than just viewing them as a set of statistics. Maybe that way you will be remembered as the Prime Minister who put food back on the family table.
I’d like you to accept the challenge but I wouldn’t bank on it. Well when all you can offer are crumbs of discomfort its time to change the menu.

Love & Best Wishes
Gayle X


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