Tears Smiles And A Girl Called Laura

Hey everyone, As the sun breaks through the mid September sky, I declare that this is a day for celebration. Why am I celebrating? Well there is a very special reason for my happiness. You see yesterday was the birthday of one Laura McLachlan and if that wasn’t a cause for celebration I don’t know what was. So I hope the you will forgive me If I get a wee bit self indulgent and celebrate one of the best most enduring friendships I’ve been lucky enough to have by telling the world about tears smiles and a girl called Laura.

I first met Laura McLachlan in the LBGT Centre in Bell Street when she was a gabby wee madam with opinions on everything. I think in that respect at least she reminds me of someone. I wonder who that could be? I think it might be a younger me. Since that fateful day or should I say night my life has never been quite the same since. Laura has its fair to say been not only my friend but my rock and hope I’ve been there for her too.

The first thing people need to get about Laura is she comes as part of a double act, the other half of which her quieter twin sister Louise. Come to think of it I don’t know if Louise is that quiet or if she can’t get a word in due to my chatty wee princess. Anyway these two are closer than any twins I’ve met and are an example of how close sisters should be.

A kind thoughtful and highly articulate young woman Laura is a passionate supporter of equality for the LGBT community. Her commitment to equal marriage for all members of the community has been well documented and her speech to a fringe meeting at the SNP conference was according to some party members I know one of the highlights of Inverness 2011. Indeed my sources tell me that not only did she win the debate but outshone her team mate Austin Sheridan who has since gone on to become Scotland’s youngest elected councillor for when he won a seat in the Baillieston ward which by the way is my ward when he was elected in May at the local council elections.

This I have to say is no reflection on Austin, a highly capable young man who I believe will be an excellent elected representative but it highlights how passionate and driven Laura really is when helping others. Her appearance on Channel 4’s forethought slot where she was able to put her views across to an even wider audience demonstrated an excellent communicator whose easy going personality made her a natural in front of the cameras and her sincerity could on the issue could not be doubted.

However away from the cameras Laura is a very private girl who is never happier than when she is in the company of her friends and make no mistake I am proud to be one of them. Another lesser known fact about Laura is that she’s not only a supporter of equality for LGBT community but also equality within it. As a transsexual woman I am acutely aware that some within the community have what I refer to as a little bit of an attitude to trans people & particularly transwoman being ‘allowed’ into what they perceive to be ‘their’ community.

This is usually though not exclusively the preserve of Gay men and has led to me experiencing some very negative attitudes on the odd occasion. Now I have to say I am more than capable of defending myself, but its always nice to feel supported. This is something I never lacked,especially when Laura’s around and there’s been more than one village whose idiot has been given a real verbal battering from someone whose tongue who could give the SAS a serious run for their money. Trust me, this girl is to subtlety what Tory B-Liar is to socialism or Nicola Sturgeon is to unionism its never going to happen & I thank god for that.

As far as I’m concerned Laura McLachlan is in my opinion one of the greatest people ever to walk on the face on this earth. A fighter for real equality she is exactly what Scotland needs in the 21st century and that’s why I am so proud to call her my friend and say she is like the daughter I never had. She has made laugh smile and cry in equal measure, though the tears have always been tears of happiness and pride and that’s why I feel so happy to share my memories of tears, smiles, and a girl called Laura.

Love & Best Wishes
Gayle X


2 thoughts on “Tears Smiles And A Girl Called Laura

  1. I was very lucky to meet Gayle on Saturday in Edinburgh bus station. I haven’t been able to stop reading her blog. Thank you Gayle for I’m a more enlightened person after our chance encounter… Thank you for writing your blog Gayle you now have a new fan 😀 **** Sabrina from Dublin….

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