Never Too Old For Short Skirts In Summer

Hey everyone. After visiting the doctor’s on Monday & finding out I had more weight to lose than I previously thought I decided to give myself the ultimate summer challenge & start an exercise routine which will hopefully see a slimmer trimmer me just in time to wear shorter skirts when the heatwave comes to call.

OK maybe heatwave is being a wee optimistic, after all this is Scotland & the according to the comedian Des Clarke the heat doesn’t stay long enough to wave. I think I know where he’s coming from on that one. However on the all too rare occasions it does decide to pay us a visit, a girl
must be in the best position to take advantage of it. Well there is nothing like the golden skies of summer to tempt a girl regardless of age in to short skirts.

This however, raises the question should women of or over a certain age still show a bit of leg? I know certain friends even some in my chosen family would say yes on this issue & they would say it without hesitation. In contrast there are others who would say that as long as you’ve got the legs & figure to wear it, then no woman is too old for short skirts.

Where do I stand on this?. Well if I’m honest I would have to say that any woman can wear whatever she likes whenever she likes. The problem is not the length of the skirt or even the dress, it is far more deep rooted than that. The fact of the matter is that we live in a very patriarchal society & I think its fair to say one of the most socially & culturally conservative societies in the developed world. The argument that Britain is some haven of liberal minded value sets is in my opinion is my opinion 100 per cent fantasy. Don’t get me wrong we may be more accepting of others than we were a hundred years ago but the fight for real equality is only just beginning. The legacy of empire still shows no signs of fading,& the cultural conservatism it sustains in its social structures gives rise to right wing views on social issues even amongst those who belong to left wing parties.

So the major issue as I see it is the British curse of conservatism. It seems that we cannot get past the idea that short skirts are the preserve of the young & should only be worn until you are either married with kids or in a long term relationship. This is drivel, men need to realise that women do not dress to please them but to express our identities & if that means wearing a short skirt during the summer months then that is exactly what she should be able to do & yes I do include TS Women in that.

On transitioning both socially& professionally, my dress sense was continually monitored by the opinion police. This was particularly true at work & I believe I was singled out for unfair criticism by certain individuals with issues. One day, after being complimented by both visitors & a member of staff on my appearance I was criticised by those I had come to regard as the usual suspects on the length of my skirt, I confided in the staff member who had complimented me. ‘Whose been complaining?’ She asked ‘I hope it was Kate Moss because as you can see we’re not exactly surrounded by supermodels & why are they complaining about the length of your skirt when I wear shorter skirts than that on a regular basis & nobody moans about that’. It is I think significant that this support was given to me by a younger colleague & who had from day one been very supportive of me

So is there a generation gap on this issue & does that bode well for an attitude change in to the future? I think this may be the case amongst younger women but my view on male attitudes is that they are slightly less open to a change of heart. I say this as many men take on the views of their fathers or other influential men within the family. This means that there is a long struggle ahead of us in our right to wear what we like for whilst women’s attitudes are gradually changing men’s remain the same.

The problem with this is the fact that many men seem to have an overly high opinion of themselves. Even men in their late fifties & older seem to think they bear a striking resemblance to George Clooney & therefore are entitled to get the hottest girl on the block even if she is young enough to be there daughter or granddaughter. These misguided beliefs are totally & completely delusional & they need to get over themselves fast.

Evidence of this is the fact that I was once told by a man who is nowhere near as good looking as he seems to think that he couldn’t imagine me having sex. Now if this had been said by a tall athletic love god I could have laughed it off. But believe me girls this guy is no love god & I think I shattered his fragile ego when I assured him in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t imagine him having sex either & that not only was he not on my list of fantasy lovers, he was nowhere remotely near it.

You know I find it amazing that in the 21st century people still have attitudes which date back to the caveman. Its time someone told them that Fred Flintstone was a cartoon character & not a personal role model & maybe 2012 might be worth visiting sometime. You never know, they might actually like it.

As a transsexual women who hit 50 last July, I reserve the right to wear a short skirt should I wish to do so. In doing so I also claim the right to wear patterned or fishnet tights or low cut tops, show some cleavage, or get in touch with my more mature side by wearing grey skirts& tan or neutral tights. What I want to wear is my choice, mine & nobody else’s.

So I am too old for short skirts in summer? I don’t think so & I don’t believe any man or woman has the right to put boundaries on what others should be allowed to wear. Its time to bin the stereotype that mini skirts are the exclusive preserve of women under 30 after which we have to turn in to Miss Jean Brodie. This is unrealistic, wrong & belongs in the stone age, because as every woman knows you are never too old for short skirts in the summer. Excuse me a minute I’ll need to go & look out my clothes for tomorrow now where did I put that mini?

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X


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