Hey everyone It may a date late but I celebrate the birthday of Patrick Harvie the man who proves you don’t need to be a Nationalist to support an Independent Scotland with a poem.
I hope the poem illustrates some of the values he shares for a better more sustainable world based on concern for others and extending the hand of international friendship. I’ve called it Commonwealth I hope you enjoy the read


You live in a different land
far away from mine

You speak another language
which I cannot comprehend

If I see you as brother, sister, friend
will our governments understand

Every land has similar problems
from Scotland to Brazil
The commonwealth of a nation
is her people

No matter our ethnicity or culture we are all born equal to others

At least until resources are discovered
questions need to be asked

Or have our leaders decided
some things are best left in the past

Will the icy blast of nature
force former foes to friendship

Extending a hand by placing aces
only it can hold

No amount of gold
will ever have the power

Of a mother determined to correct
the reckless actions of her children

She can and will act
if we continue to ignore her warnings

She will take us to danger signs
give us a choice of paths to walk

This is the talk of a concerned parent
who will urge us to think of the future
Ignore the false promises of the tempter
who talks of immediate gain

This action would shame us all
pride and prejudice will lead to a fall

From which we may never recover
we should listen to our mother

She cries out so we can hear
her genuine fears for her children

So brother, sister, friend
it’s time to end these games of chance

Where two can play
but only one can advance

To the next stage pass go
collect two hundred pounds

Or the going rate
what ever that may be

You live in a land
far away from me

But we have much more in common
than we think.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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