A Single Girl On Valentine’s Night

Hey everyone A new poem about being single on valentine’s night &why it doesn’t really worry me. I’ve called a Single Girl on Valentine’s Night I hope you enjoy the read.

A Single Girl On Valentine’s Night

A single girl
on valentine’s night
sits at home
in her fishnet tights
she isn’t concerned
she didn’t get a date
she writes a new poem
romance, can wait

There are too many men
who still think there 18
she’ll never give up
on ambitions and dreams
and if that means no man
then she’s going to worry
she believes in herself
she’s in no mood to hurry

she’s confident
she’ll find her prince
but she’ll take the deal that reality gives
as she sits with her coffee
this girl is content
to let the boys know
that her heart’s not for rent

Second best is not happening
her standards are high
there are no hearts and flowers
it would seem too contrived
it was never her scene
to let thieves steal her rights
it’s good to be single
on valentine’s nights

She is under no pressure
she can dress as she likes
as she sips at her coffee
her fancy takes flight
Mr perfect and heroes
will all have their faults
she can live with that image
it doesn’t disappoint

So what of her future
she hasn’t made plans
she won’t start obsessing
about getting a man
he’ll come when he comes
her smile shows no fear her belief is love happens
any night of the year

@ Gayle Smith 2013


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