A Free And Fair Nation

Hey everyone. On the day when one has been Michael Kelly & one failed wannabe Johann Lamont delude themselves they can stop our victory and our country’s right to independence I recall with fondness a conversation I had before Christmas with a lifelong Labour voter. The result may not gain a new recruit to the Alex Salmond fan club but let’s say this she would be more likely to join that than she would to campaign for the unionist forces of doom and she certainly doesn’t believe we are better together. This poem outlines the case for her vision of an Independent Scotland run by a Real Labour Party we can all be proud of. I’ve called it
A Free And Fair Nation I hope you enjoy the read

A Free And Fair Nation

Twas the night before Christmas
and all round the shops
people were hurrying
with no time to stop.
I talked to a voter
proud Labour was she
all her life she had voted
never once SNP.
but then without prompting
she spoke of a dream
of a free and fair nation in 2014.
and that no child or grand child
would ever be yoked
to the chains of Westminster
once Scotland had spoke
we will banish forever
this cruellest of ties
based on mythology deception and lies we’ll give back to our people
the party they cherished
the careerists who used it for gain they will perish
and if they still talk
of old Westminster’s glories
I’ll get them a membership card
for the Tories
if our folk are true
then its freedom they want
Salmond’s no perfect
but he’s better than Lamont
as for Murphy or Sarwar
they are not in his league
its a radical socialism
that’s what we need
leaders like Canavan
or the great John McLean
they would say rise
be a nation again
as she wished me farewell
& a good festive season
she said we’ll convict them
those guilty of treason
we will have our country
despite what they say
we cannot let anything
stand in our way
we must make a promise
that never again
will we ever be bullied
from Westminster’s den
we will fight for our country
accepting no limits
our destiny calls us
this is our land let’s win it.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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