A Different View

Hey everyone. Have written a poem to celebrate the 30th birthday of Channel 4. Its hard to imagine that those of us who were of school age in the seventies & very even the very eighties grew up with only three TV channels but we did. So this is a poem to celebrate the date & time that changed forever. It was 5 P.M on the 2nd November 1982 & we finally had four channels instead of three. I’ve called the poem A Different View I hope you enjoy the read.

A Different View

Satellite telly
Free view & Sky
many ways to watch the box
growing up the choice was restricted
this stuns some to silent shock
I recall three childhood channels
that was all & nothing more
then 30 years ago
came the birth of channel four
I witnessed history at the switch on met the folks at Brookside close
over the years its had many great programmes
Countdown the Tube & Hollyoakes
Now the viewers are taken on coachtrips
get asked by strangers to come dine with them
It gave a platform to fresh new faces
such as Carole Vorderman
now Brookside close has been demolished
some wouldn’t know that Eastenders
came later
We laughed at the genius of cheers & friends
Will & Grace & a guy called Fraiser
Despatches was quality
top notch reporting
there was scandal
in some of the stories uncovered
but it has to be said
there have also been low points
it plunged to the depths
when it gave us big brother
It provided a message without queen or castle
for that time before turkey when everyone’s bored
It didn’t quite alter
the thoughts of a nation
though it did shake them up
so it wasn’t ignored
it looked at the world
from a different perspective
Now 30 years later
its no longer new
As it matures I remember its birthday
& the fact that it offered
a different view.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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